Sony-Made Laptop Battery Burns Man's Hand

A Sony-made battery in a Fujitsu laptop overheated and gave off sparks, injuring the user, as a Fujitsu worker was visiting to retrieve the laptop as part of the company's recall of Sony batteries, a Fujitsu spokesman said Friday.

The sparks hit the user's hand and caused minor burns, said Fujitsu spokesman Toshiaki Koike. The incident is under investigation.

Fujitsu is recalling more than 280,000 lithium-ion laptop batteries made by Sony Corp., (SNE) part of a global recall of Sony batteries officials say could overheat and burst into flames.

Microscopic metal particles left inside the battery during production can cause a short circuit, according to Sony.

Almost every major laptop maker in the world, including Dell Inc. (DELL), Apple Computer Inc. (AAPL) and Lenovo Group Ltd., has announced a recall of Sony batteries.

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