YOU DECIDE 2006 — Why Will YOU Vote?

The Midterm election campaigns continue to heat up across the country, with Republicans hoping to maintain their majority in Congress, and Democrats fighting to gain seats and tip the balance in their favor.

From the war in Iraq, to the economy, to social security, to the marriage amendment — candidates are sounding off on the issues, but what is really on the minds of the American voters in 2006?

FNC wants to know what's driving YOU to the polls this year — What are the issues that matter to you, and why will you cast your vote this year?

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

"It is imperative to exercise your right to vote for those who make decisions about the future of our country. Security concerns and terrorism are high priorities, however, in the last few elections I have focused on what makes our country so successful: family, and the faith that guides our lives." — Rick (Pigeon, MI)

"I am voting, because I believe it is my responsibility and privilege to be able to cast a ballot for the candidates I feel best represent me on a local, state, and national level. In most cases, they happen to be Republicans. I feel very strongly about limiting government, national security, the war on terror, and border security — hence Republican votes." — Brad (Amarillo, TX)

"National security is the issue that will drive my vote this year; the other issues pale in comparison. If we don't have national security, all aspects of our lives and of our society are at risk. I'll be looking for candidates who have an established record of supporting the war on terror and enforcing our immigration laws." — Phil (Rensselaer, NY)

"I always vote, and this year is no exception, however, this year may be more important than previous years. The most important issue to my family and me is the safety of our country and the world. Winning the war in Iraq is critical and we believe the Republican Party is more in tune with the safety of our country than are the Democrats. The second more important issue to us is border security. We believe our borders should be closed, and putting the fence up is the way to go. Unfortunately, 700 miles of fencing is not enough to complete the job." — Beverly (Sparks, MD)

"The most important thing on the ballot in Virginia is the state constructional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman ONLY. In my part of the state, (Martinsville and Henry County), that's the most talked about political issue." — Gorden (Virginia)

"As a Vietnam War vet, I saw what happened in South Vietnam when we pulled out; to do the same in Iraq would lessen our nation in the eyes of the world and cheapen the sacrifice of all those who served. I truly hope that other vets get out and vote, too." — John (Pennsylvania)

"Even with their faults, I will vote for Republicans because I believe they will do more to keep the country safe and to keep our traditional values intact." — Cecelia (San Angelo, TX)

"I will be voting soon because I think it is my duty as a citizen and I want to help elect people who will take the threats to our country seriously and who will defend traditional values. My congressman has done a great job, and I'm hoping he is re-elected." — Nancy (Leroy, MI)

"I am 79-years-old, and I have voted since the age of 21. This year, I am going to vote because I want my country to go back to the God-loving nation we were years ago. I will only vote for those who support traditional values. That's the only reason I will make the effort to be at the polls." — Virginia (Young Harris, GA)

"I'm voting because I'm tired of seeing our young people's lives wasted on a police action, record deficits, and sky-high gas prices. I pray for the day George Bush is impeached, and his White House oil connections are exposed." — John (Indiana)

"What's driving me to the polls is a Congress that refuses to buckle down and work for the good of this country. Their selfish ambitions are demonstrated by their pork barrel spending, and their refusal to support the president in a time of war. They want us to accept their moral beliefs on gay marriage and abortion, but they are the ones who don't care about the poor, and they are the ones who want to raise our taxes and weaken our military. The Dems are godless and the Republicans are full of themselves." — David (Hampton, VA)

"I will definitely vote, and the three major issues that will influence my vote are illegal immigration, social security, and homosexual marriage." — April (Illinois)

"I'm voting because I would like to see the Democrats have majority seats in Congress." — Donna

"I will vote to make sure that the Republicans stay in control of both Houses, simply because they have the guts and drive to fight terrorism. " — Paula (Lee's Summit, MO)

"I'm voting strictly to oppose the Dems. We're very disappointed with Republican spending and failure to act in a timely manner to stem illegal immigration, but the Dems are unthinkable!" — Laura (Farmerville, LA)

"The issues that matter to me the most are terrorism, illegal immigration, morality, and the economy. The reason why I will go to the polls and vote this year is to make sure the Republicans win, so that liberal beliefs will not completely change the U.S. on the issues that matter to me most." — Paige (Hiawassee, GA)

"It's certainly not that the GOP that deserves my support. When I look at the alternative, however, I can in no way support the Democratic Party. This country needs a viable Third Party, one that will hold to conservative values. The Republicans no longer deserve the support of conservatives, but the country, as a whole, would suffer at the hands of a Democrat majority in Congress. Until we have a viable conservative party, I'm stuck with the Republicans." — Michael

"I am sick of politics the way it is in this country. It gets worse each year, but I feel that as an American, it's my duty to contribute to make things better, and that means voting. I will be happy to vote this year. Vermont will elect a new junior Senator, as well as a new Congressman (we have only one). Two candidates in particular (one for each position) seem to be smart, innovative, and, perhaps most important, willing to work with others with whom they disagree. Both happen to be Republicans, but that's incidental." — Joe (Manchester Center, VT)

"I voted this morning in the 'early voting' category. Arkansas will not likely have an effect on the balance of power in the House or in the Senate, but it scares me to think of Nancy Pelosi being the leader of the House. I voted straight Republican, with the exception of one Democrat and two Green Party local candidates. The Democrat I voted for was based on the recommendation of the NRA, and the Green Party votes were because I am disillusioned with the Democrats in general and could not bear to vote for them, with very few exceptions." — Frank (Greenbrier, AK)

"The first thing driving me to the polls is my responsibility to vote, which for many years I neglected. That being said, the No. 1 issue for me is morality in the U.S. — after that, illegal immigration, and then terrorism. I believe that we are at a crucial point in the history of the U.S.. We must decide who we want to be as a nation and what is important to us, and then pursue it with everything we have!" — Kim (Florida)

"I am going to the polls to vote a straight Republican ticket. I just don't feel the Democrats have anything better to offer. They will not keep us safe and we need to be in this fight for a long time." — Linda (Tillamook, OR)

"I have already voted. I vote in every election, but this was the first election in which I really do not care who wins. I just want a change to be made in this country. I also want D.C. to get the cotton out of its ears and listen to the American people. We want to stop illegal immigration, and if we are going to be at war, we want to use all the power available in our war chest. Either fight the war in Iraq with bombs and cannons, or get out. We also do not want any party to decide that they know better what to do with our money than us." — Doris (Purdam, NE)

"There are really only two major issues: taxes and defense. There are clear and unmistakable differences between the Republicans and the Democrats. If you want lower taxes and strong defense, vote Republican. If you want higher taxes and weak defense, vote Democrat." — Fred (Murrells Inlet, SC)

"I will be supporting our GOP congressional candidates here in Iowa because they have fortitude to complete the battle on terror, including the war in Iraq. I would hate to have the American voters (who have a right to be frustrated) send the wrong signal to the terrorists across the world by turning control of the House and Senate over to the Democrats. If the Democrats gain control, the perception will be that the U.S. is giving up. " — Jim (Iowa)

"My wife and I will be on a trip when it will be time to vote, but we have already voted by absentee ballot. I voted for the candidates that have the long-term philosophy of protecting our country for my children and grandchildren." — Cliff

"Security is the No. 1 issue, with the economy being in lock-step alongside. I look at this as a football game; the Democrats are good at defense, but the Republicans are better at offense and at learning defense. Security should always be on offense, not building a wall of isolation around America and threatening anyone that approaches the wall." — Bill

"I'm not going to vote along any party lines this election. I'm only voting on one issue: the war against radical Islam. I believe them when they say they want to kill us, and I'm only voting for representatives who 'get' this issue." — Bill

"Incumbents have not done anything, and I am voting every incumbent out of office, regardless if they are a Democrat or a Republican." — Jonathan

"I want to continue the fight for Iraq, and I want a conservative judiciary. I also want our economy to continue to grow as it is now, and I couldn't care less about what France, Germany, Russia, Iran, or North Korea think about the U.S. We don't need moral authority from them!" — Sue

"I am voting against abortion and illegal aliens. These are my main concerns. I am also in favor of the Iraq war, and not because it is a war, but because of why we are there." — David

"My No. 1 reason to vote is because others have died for my right to do so. I do not take lightly the privilege to stand and mark my ballot. I am driven to vote for those who focus on keeping America safe for my children, but also those who have a strong desire to create a smaller government. I've seen the Republicans increase government in the last several years and that goes against the reasons I voted for those individuals in the first place. I would like to see some new faces in our government. I want politicians, who have a backbone, to stand up for their voter base and call things as they see them." — Ashley (North Carolina)

"I want my country back! Elected officials are for their own personal gains and do not care about the American people, or what is best for our country. The American people are taking back our country, and the talking heads in Congress can get a job controlling the borders." — Marilyn

"I'm a Republican who's going to vote Democrat. What else can I do? We need a significant change in the war strategy, and if my party doesn't do it, maybe the Dems will." — Jesse (Dubuque, IA)

"I will be voting Democratic or Independent in two weeks, just to take away power from the Republican stronghold we have in both houses. Giving the president a carte blanche whenever he desires, and no matter how wrong he may be, is just intolerable to me. This Congress is corrupt and change is needed to restore the trust we once had in our elected officials." — Christine (Syracuse, NY)

"I'm voting because I am so tired of the Dems always being negative and having no real direction for the country — except telling us how bad the Republicans are. It would be a disaster for the Dems to gain control of the House." — Ken (Missouri)

"I'm not at all satisfied with the Republican management of Congress or the presidency. For the first time in my voting life, from Eisenhower to Bush, I will be voting for the best of a bad choice. I will be voting Republican because I see the country failing under Pelosi, Kennedy, etc." — Arthur (Jefferson, ME)

"Voting is a privilege. I want to see people in office who care about our children and who protect them from predators. I want to see people in office who can come up with a good plan to leave Iraq at the right time and not give way to terrorists coming to our homeland. I want to see people in office who care about the people and not just the party system — like Governor Schwarzenegger." — Patty (Turlock, CA)