Some of the topics we've brought up on recent shows have struck a nerve with our viewers — and you've let us know about it!

A sample of your responses:

English Only?

I support him 100 percent. Also, I actually love diversity. But don't force your language or your culture on me in my own country. I welcome all who come without the chip on their shoulder.
Barbara Lynn

Strong Economy — Low Polls

Cavuto, this economy is a crock and your guests are full of it.
Norman North

You and your panel of experts make me sick. Talk to the people out there and you will find the true state of the economy.
Mike Dewitt
Hermiston, OR

Damn right, this economy is a heck of a lot better than the media says it is. Thank God for Cavuto! Thank God for optimism!
Calvin Ensign

Neil, as long as you keep talking to billionaires, and visiting with the kind of people who think little of spending $500 for dinners out in NYC, you'll never understand the real economy that most Americans live in.
William Newland
Manhattan Beach, CA

Tell Me What You Really Think?

Cavuto, you strike me as an elitist who's never had a tough day in his life. Try being sick, then tell me how gung-ho you are, you imbecile!
Heather Stans
New York, NY

You are always picked on about the size of your head. Don't worry. It's the size of your heart that matters most. And that is what is big on you... helping the people with great financial advice and information. Keep up the good work, you big-hearted guy!
Jim Degraffenreid
Vero Beach, FL

Someone called you a manatee the other day. That's an insult. Manatees make more sense.
Earl A.
Atlanta, GA

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