10-Year-Old Charged for Making Threats to Blow Up School

A 10-year-old boy has been charged with making a terrorist threat after threatening "blow up some teachers" and bring bombs to his elementary school, officials said.

The boy was arrested after one of the children relayed the threat to school officials and, on Oct. 20, officials and police found the student's backpack in a classroom with two devices inside. The boy said the devices were bombs, but officials said they were not flammable or explosive.

The boy has been charged as a juvenile with four counts of making terroristic threats and two counts of possessing a destructive device. Ford said the charges.

The boy's name was not released because he is a minor.

One of the devices was described as a small glass jar containing a solid white substance and a plastic sandwich bag. The other was a candy wrapper containing a tubular piece of cardboard, about the size of an index finger, stuffed with the white solid substance, said Habersham County Board of Education Police Chief Don Ford.

The "destructive device" charge was leveled because, "If you represent it as such, then you can be charged with it," Ford said.

School officials said the child, who is currently with his parents, has been suspended.