Muslim Veil Shouldn't Be Worn in West

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What do you think about the veil?

It's quite a controversial subject in Europe right now. The Europeans have allowed a Muslim subculture to establish itself in great numbers, but nonetheless European leaders are trying to draw the line at the veil.

Normally desperate to curry favor with the Muslim minority, the Italians are now making a tentative attempt to fight back against creeping Sharia law by resisting the veil. The Italian prime minister says Muslim women shouldn't hide behind the veil.

And same in Britain where Tony Blair — on his way out of office for daring to offend Muslims with a war in Iraq — says the veil is a mark of separation.

Both will be denounced by Muslim groups for saying it, but it's true.

My colleague Amy Kellogg, a FOX News correspondent in London, was telling me about trying to do a story about wearing the veil in Britain. She said she stood around on Edgware Road — Muslim main street in Londonistan — waiting for a veiled woman to walk by for a shot.

She referred to it as the letterbox veil, the one where the only thing visible of the woman is her eyes, through a narrow letterbox slit in the veil.

That is clearly a sign of separation, clearly a sign of wanting to avoid assimilating in the western culture, whether it's here or Britain or Italy. And it is clearly a sign of a subculture that wants to establish its own rules separate and apart.

Another way of saying that is: The veil is a sign of the Muslim subculture wanting Sharia law, religious law which supercedes secular or common law in their communities.

Tolerance is what we practice in the West, meaning we are tolerant of the religions and customs of others. But we are also vigilant for signs they are among us and are intolerant of us and our customs and laws.

Speaking as an American: no Sharia law, no veils. If you're here, be American.

You don't have to conform. You just have to give up the urge to be separate and apart and unwilling to assimilate like the rest of us.

That's My Word.

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