Griffs Notes 10/18/06

What happens when you mix a perverted politician and a politically active Democrat defense attorney in an underage male page sex scandal?

I don’t think I ever wanted to find out… but since we now know, thanks to a press conference yesterday, the answer is: It’s the Catholic Church, stupid!

Repulsive ex-congressman Mark Foley says that he will soon tell the Archdiocese of Miami the name of the priest that molested him forty years ago according to the newest member of the Foley legal team, Gerald Richman.

Richman, who is an odd choice to defend Foley because of his known Democrat political leanings in Palm Beach, says his client needs to disclose the identity of the priest as “a part of his difficult healing process.” And according to the wires, Richman then proceeded after the presser to a fundraiser for Foley’s Democrat challenger (now facing poor GOP replacement Joe Negron).

Difficult HEALING process?? Wait a second. Who does Foley think he is – Marion Barry? I’ve got bad news for Mark the Molester – this ain’t Washington, DC where crack heads get re-elected to help their redemption. And even in that situation, a decade or more had gone by before Barry tried it.

There are so many things that are wrong, corrupt and immoral in this case. And unfortunately, we can expect for a lot of it to play out in the coming weeks and months in the Florida courts and on Capitol Hill. But the point I want to drive home about this latest twist is the ridiculousness of playing the victim card for a guy who was anything but a victim.

After we learned that Foley was gay, had an alcohol problem and was molested as a child, we might have felt some sympathy for the demons that he must have been battling. But we sure aren’t close to the healing phase. The guy hasn’t even seen 30 days in the rehab center and he’s asking for my compassion?! I don’t think so.

And what purpose does it serve to drag a priest who by my calculations must be in his late seventies or eighties (if he is still alive) into this highly publicized scandal as it really has very little bearing on the case in the first place?

I have absolutely no tolerance for Catholic priests who abuse children. And I was glad to see the Archdiocese immediately ask for the name when it was first learned that Foley was accusing someone in the Church of wrongdoing.

But this is joke, right? I’m sleeping and this a terrible nightmare because I am supposed to take this defense seriously? Somebody wake me up, please!

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