Staying Young at Heart

Dear Friends,

This is the day I've been waiting for, for a year — my book, "The Mr. & Mrs. Happy Handbook" is officially being released today.

As soon as you read this blog, I hope you'll run to your local bookstore to buy a copy (or two) or buy online at or or wherever you buy books on the Internet. Or you can buy an autographed copy at

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So here are today's real life letters from viewers who answered the question: What's the secret to a happy marriage?

E-mail No. 1

My husband and I have been together for 40 years, and on October the 17th, we will be married for 36 years. The secret to our happy marriage is, that we just plain love each other. I'm a romantic, and he's not. His idea of fixing a toilet is placing an out of order sign on it. I love to dance and he has two left feet. After 40 years he still calls the kids to see what to get me for my birthday. We are still the same silly teenagers we were when we met, who couldn't live a day without one another. When our song comes on the radio ("Cherish" by The Association) we will call the other one to listen to it together.
When we get angry, we just look at each other and laugh, because no matter what, WE LOVE EACH OTHER. I still love the way his eyes twinkle when he laughs, and I still blush when he looks at me a certain way. I wave to him in the window when he leaves the house, and I'm always waiting at the door when he comes home. We can't believe that we are the grandparents of nine, because it still seems like just yesterday that we met and fell in love.
He's still my Johnny Angel, and I'm still his Sherrie Baby, and we will Cherish each other forever and a day. There are many ups and downs in a marriage, but if you are holding hands all the way it's a piece of cake.
Sherrie and John Krann

E-mail No. 2

The Secret to our Happy Marriage is that my husband makes me angry. I know that sounds crazy, but every time we start to argue or disagree, my husband has the unique ability of turning it around on me and making me laugh. I always tell him, "I hate it when you do that — you make me so angry when you make me laugh — because I want to be mad at you but I can't!"
We met each other in a Navy School — he was a 20-year-old active duty Marine, and I was a 21-year-old reserve sailor. I had to work for him for awhile and after six weeks, he proposed. Here we are 18 years and two children later. We have had tremendously hard times in our relationship, including filing for divorce twice, but somehow through family support, our faith in Jesus Christ, and great humor, we persevered and are happier with each year — I simply don't see how it could get any better.
Now we teach a Sunday school class on marriage and have a blast — and the success of that class is humor — we often laugh more than we talk. We've learned that no problem is unique. We'd like to think that no one can understand our problems (often to justify how we want to handle them), but other's go through them too. And, if other's make it through, we can too. There's always hope.
Lynnette and Jim McKinley
Married 18 years and counting!
P.S. I plan on buying the book for comic relief in our Sunday School class.

E-mail No. 3

It's very important to remember why you got married and most times when things change it is because you have stopped talking. If you think about how much time you put into a friendship or time you spend at work. Why not put that much into the best friend you have, your spouse?
After the kids got older she returned to the work place and is very successful at her job and by the way she very attractive. Or as I like to say brains and a great butt!
Laughter is a great thing, but you also have to be able to laugh at yourself. One also has to admit when you're wrong and say "I'm sorry." You can't always blame others.
Go out on a date with each other and have fun. Don't let petty jealousy get in the way. That bond of trust between you can move mountains and help you through the good and bad times we all have.
You can dance with my wife all night but the last one is for me, and I know who she's going home with.
Remember when you held hands and kissed. Has that gone out of style? It hasn't for us.
Buy something for her that she likes for no reason. It doesn't have to be expensive. Write notes to one another. Nothing... nothing in life stays the same. We either go forward or backwards.
The grass isn't greener on the other side. It's only astroturf.
That's my two cents.
Jim Flynn
Port St. Lucie, FL

E-mail No. 4

When my husband and I first heard about your book, we thought "He stole our idea!"
For the last 23 years, we've always lived by what we called "The Honey Handbook" We say I love you at least once a day. (That's on page one of our Honey Handbook). And whenever he wants me to do something he'll say, "It says on page 3 of the honey handbook..." And I do the same to him. For instance, it's always the male honey's job to take out the garbage. That's on page 2. And also on page 2 — it's always the female honey's job to do the laundry. You get the idea. I guess the most important thing to any happy marriage is communication. Neither party is a mind reader. If your angry about something say so. Don't expect your spouse to know your angry, it's not fair to either of you. And of course always follow the rules in "The Mr. & Mrs. Happy Handbook." (or in my case The Honey Handbook)
Marianne and John Roberts
Seymour, CT

E-mail No. 5

One day per week couples should plan a very special day. Regardless of how busy you are, take the time to spend an evening together, without children. Turn off the television, spread a picnic table in the middle of your living room. Make a trip to your local deli before going home to pick up food. Order ahead to save time. Follow with board games.
Alexander and Maureen Webster
Port St. Lucie, FL

The last writer is from Florida, where our program originated from today, we were live at St. Pete beach. Thanks to the many viewers who came to our show, and also to my book signing in Tampa at Borders on North Dale Maybry in the afternoon!

Thanks again for visiting this space, and of course for supporting my first book, "The Mr. & Mrs. Happy Handbook"!

Have a happy day!
Steve Doocy