North Korea: A Threat to the World

Sat., Oct. 14 at 8 p.m./midnight ET
Hosted by Shepard Smith

The news came as a seismic shock: a nuclear explosion on the Korean peninsula.

This weekend, join host Shepard Smith as FOX News examines "North Korea: Threat to the World."

The story of North Korea's rise to nuclear weapons status is a history of stolen and smuggled technology, secret construction sites, lies and evasion with United Nations nuclear inspectors, and, finally, ugly threats, blackmail and outright defiance.

We'll examine how decades of diplomacy by the United States and the U.N. has failed to turn North Korea from its nuclear path.

Where past diplomacy has failed, could military action succeed? Mike Emanuel reports from the Pentagon.

We'll take you to the edge of Korea's Demilitarized Zone with Greg Palkot.

Plus, Jonathan Hunt has an inside look at the man behind the hard-line communist regime, Kim Jong Il.