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About the Sandy Berger issue: Many of you wrote to say it was wrong for me to put him on the air.

Click here to read John's interview with former Clinton adviser Sandy Berger.

The main reason: Berger's criminal attempt to hide documents from the 9/11 commission by sneaking them out of the National Archives in his socks.

Hey, I know what he did. You know what he did. Great.

But this is the guy who had a major hand in formulating the Clinton administration's North Korea policy, and my questions to him were on that issue. Namely, don't we now see the North Koreans cheated the entire time that agreement was in effect, and doesn't that now prove that negotiating with the North Koreans is virtually without value — and may in fact hurt us — because they cheat.

He admitted that was true.

So those people who don't like the Clinton deal with North Korea negotiated by former President Jimmy Carter should be happy Berger admitted they were wrong.

Further, what exactly is the problem with putting the other side on? Do you really want to live in an echo chamber just like the far lefties? Do you really want me to just put on one side? Have you noticed our slogan is fair and balanced, and the way we prove that is by putting the people from the left side on the air to answer questions?

You people who don't want to listen to Sandy Berger questioned closely should be ashamed of yourselves. You are acting just like the people you say you oppose.

You should want to hear what they have to say so you know how to argue back.

What exactly is the problem with that?

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