A Proper Co-Host Christening

Hi Everyone!

Today was a jam-packed show for 'FOX & Friends!' We had big name guests including Doro Bush Koch, the daughter of President George HW Bush (#41) and sister of President George W. Bush (#43). She has just written a new book called "My Father, My President," a collection of stories about the President's military and political career. My favorite part is when he says family is the most important part of his life. This President was so humble. He is one of few modern-day Presidents to never write a memoir. Instead, his daughter writes a delightful anecdotal book with many pics!

Doro was also kind enough to "christen" me as the new co-host of 'FOX & Friends,' since she just christened the aircraft carrier named after her father over the weekend in Virginia. She did a bang up job!

Also, Donald Trump stopped by the show today to do the weather — and to promote his new book with Robert Kiyosaki, "Why We Want You To Be Rich." It's all about the disappearance of the middle class and how to come out on the rich side by being financially educated.

We talked to former Miss USA and reality T.V. star Shanna Moakler about her run-in with Paris Hilton. And Steve even paid people on the street to watch 'FOX & Friends' instead of CBS!

It was a great day! We're halfway through the week. Hope yours has been as great as ours!


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