Humor, Hair Loss and Hugging

Dear Friends,

What is the secret to a happy marriage? That's what we've been asking for the last two weeks here on The Daily Doocy and on the "FOX & Friends" program, and your answers have been terrific! As always, to see how to submit your personal stories, the information is at the conclusion of this blog.

Today we feature stories about humor, hair loss and a touching story of hugging:

E-mail No. 1

We believe that the secret to a happy marriage is... if it isn't going to matter tomorrow.. if it isn't going to matter in a week... it isn't worth arguing over.
Of course, putting the other person first is equally important.
Bob and Betty Nock

E-mail No. 2

The secret to a happy marriage is HUMOR! If you try to look at most everything that comes your way with humor, then there is no need to be angry! If I get mad I'll start to slam cupboard doors. My husband will walk right along side of me and slam them right after me to be funny. After about the third slam we're both laughing. We've been married for 30 years and we just renewed our marriage vows in a beautiful old cathedral on St. Thomas.
Everyone calls us "Mr. & Mrs. Hallmark" because we're always saying sweet/funny things to each other. People think we're strange but it works for us. My nephew always said he wanted to have a marriage like his uncle and me, well he does. He found a beautiful girl with a great sense of humor. (They also were in St. Thomas with us and they got married the day before we renewed our vows!) Life is good!
Pat Martin

E-mail No. 3

We have just celebrated our 35th year of marriage. Our secret is: We agreed that when I weighed 130 pounds or he starting losing his hair we would divorce.
I weigh now a bit more than 130 pounds and he has lost a lot, but not all, of his hair. We might as well stay together.
Diane and Tony Stalnaker
White, GA

E-mail No. 4

My wife (of almost 50 years) Martha Jane and I had gotten in the habit of waking up in the morning and staying in bed to watch "FOX & Friends." On August 21, 2005 it was a typical Sunday and that's what we were doing. All of a sudden she just kind of faded off. It was a brain aneurysm and she went into a coma that lasted almost three months.
She passed away on the 10th of November. That is not the reason I'm writing though.
For "the rest of the story" as the saying goes. Four or five months prior to this event, as was our practice we were watching "FOX & Friends." She turned to me and said, "I wish I could live my life all over." As you can imagine I thought, Uh-oh, big red flag, now I'm going to catch it. But I summoned the courage to ask, "What would you change?" Her answer was the thing that really helped me to survive the dark times of her later passing. She said, "I wouldn't change a thing. My life has been so good I would like to do it all over again. I've had so much fun."
At her memorial service one of her girl friends got up and told the mourners that my wife told her the same thing.
So, I will buy your book when you come to Borders in Houston and wish she were here to read it with me.
I now always tell my friends and I now pass on to you "Hug your wife, you never know."
Fred Frere

E-mail No. 5

Dear Steve,
First of all, I love reading each person's story, all so very sweet and funny! My husband and I will have been married for one year, October 8. There are many factors and details that make a happy marriage, but I think the biggest thing for us is genuine friendship and laughter. While we are polar opposites, with almost a complete role-reversal in the marriage, it really works for us. (For our wedding registry, I chose a cordless drill and compound miter saw, while he longed for a bread maker and food processor).
The thing we love most about our marriage is that our home is constantly filled with laughing and loving, even during the tough times. We also have our little rituals that we cherish. Every morning, even if the other doesn't have to work, we make coffee and climb back into bed together to watch "FOX & Friends."
I know our story probably doesn't pull as much weight as those of people together for 20+ years, but when I think about what I had always wanted in a marriage, I realize how very fortunate I have been.
Love the show!
Cheri D'Alessandro
Baltimore, MD

Thanks to all for today's great letters — especially Fred's. Just know Fred, you and your wife are in our prayers.

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