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Today in The Daily Doocy, another heartwarming story from a military family, how humor is a key and the importance of skinny dipping. (To submit your secret to a happy marriage, the information is at the end of this blog.)

So let's get started as five couples answer the question: "What's the secret to a happy marriage?"

E-mail No. 1

The secret to our happy marriage is the USS Ingraham (FFG-61). My husband's position as the ship's MPA (Main Propulsion Assistant) requires his presence on board pretty much 24/7, leaving very little time for his family or relaxation of any kind. My husband boarded this ship on September 30, 2002. Since we spend very little time together, we have to cherish what little time we are allowed and the words 'I Love You and Miss You Lots" are repeated on every phone call or e-mail sent. My husband's favorite reply is "I Love You More and Miss You More." Hearing those words from each other is what keeps us strong and has kept us together for the last 23 years in the U.S. Navy. By the time my husband retires in seven years, our children will have all moved on in life, leaving my husband and I to discover what we've missed for the past 30 years with the Navy.
I so look forward to those retirement years and truly believe it's the constant separation that we have endured that welded this marriage for life.
Jody Foris
Silverdale, WA

E-mail No. 2

Our secret to a happy marriage (33 years) is to never watch TV in the same room, but always yell out once in awhile "Hiya honey" or "What are ya snackin' on? Bring me some. I love you!"
But the best secret is skinny dipping (only if you have a very, very private yard and the kids are not home and it's a very dark night and the front gate is locked). Our daughter just got married -- "yippie!" But there is one hazard you might consider before dipping in, it's those darn search helicopters beaming their spot light down right over your pool and the happy couple, this could put a crimp in a lovely evening, so keep towels or robes close at hand.
This really happened to us a few years ago after a local store was robbed and they were searching backyards for the culprits. After blood-curdling screams (from me) and absolute panic in trying to shield myself behind him, my husband, my own "Mr. Happy" just laughed. I still wonder if my neighbors heard the commotion and what they must have thought.
We've only shared this with our very close friends (until now) they had a good laugh and won't let us forget it!
We love you Steve and watch you every day!
Charlene and Ed Hahn
Garnerville, NY

E-mail No. 3

The secret to our happy marriage is that I NEVER take my wife out for an evening of fun. My wife is too serious and is constantly reminding me of things I need to fix around the house, complaining about what the kids did, money problems, etc.
Consequently I only take my "mistress" out for a fun evening of singing and dancing. When we go out I want to have fun and relax. I don't want to hear about problems that are going on during the week. My "mistress" never complains about what is going on during the week. She allows me to have fun singing Karaoke, dancing, flirting, etc. with everyone at the bar. I even have a "girlfriend" at the same time my "mistress" is with me. It has a tendency to confuse others in the bar as I sing and dance with my mistress, girlfriend and others all in the same evening. Although I may dance and sing with others, my "mistress" always has at least 1 more dance than anyone else I dance with that evening.
Of course my "mistress" is my wife. I love her very much as she allows me to have fun when we go out and I ALWAYS leave with the person I brung: my wife.
Larry and Lynne (wife and mistress) Sielski

E-mail No. 4

The secret to our happy marriage is flattery. My husband and I have been married nearly 40 years. He dries my back when I get out of the tub (and says he is polishing his Cadillac) and whistles at me when I walk through the room and tells me I am gorgeous (I'm not but it is nice to be told that anyway).
"The older the violin, the sweeter the music" is definitely the true in our marriage.
Ellie Roth
Edmonton, AL

E-mail No. 5

The secret to our happy marriage is knowing when to stop the training. We have been married nearly 36 years and I have trained my husband to clear his dishes from the table and rinse them, actually put his dirty clothes IN the basket, power tools DO NOT belong on the kitchen counter, etc. However, some things just can't be taught and after about 25 year of trying I simply put the toilet seat down myself! He is as trained as he is ever going to be!
Mike and Lavena Johnson
El Dorado Hills, CA

E-mail No. 6

It took me 3 weeks to get up the nerve to ask her out. Three weeks later I proposed and she said, "What took you so long?"
At 50, I found the love of my life, my best friend and the woman who has made me laugh everyday of our lives together.
Now in our sixties, we still kiss in public, hold hands and celebrate two anniversaries twice a month. The day we met (the 22nd) and day we married (the 9th).
December 9th will be 17 wonderful years with this woman and everyday I thank God for bringing her into my life.
Bob Spalding
Saranac, MI

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