Griffs Notes 10/9/06

Jealousy can be a very dangerous thing. Particularly if you’re an insane dictator with nuclear capabilities whose bullying Bush shtick has been recently upstaged by a Venezuelan comedian.

North Korea’s “Dear Leader” – Kim Jong Il – allegedly tested his nuclear weapons program today and caught the undivided attention of the civilized world. Labeled as one-third of President Bush’s “Axis of Evil,” Jong Il has starved his country to fund the fifth largest military on the planet. He has also isolated himself from his neighboring countries like China, Russia, Japan and South Korea. And he has made it increasingly difficult to determine exactly what nuclear capabilities he may or may not possess.

Regardless of that intelligence, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this nutcase should not have a nuke of any kind. What’s even more bizarre is that the pint-sized villain (he’s stands at a whopping 5’2) is an avid movie fan and prior to deciding to be a dictator, he pursued becoming a Hollywood filmmaker?

Not much is known about the Dear Leader’s personal life except that he loves James Bond movies, Johnny Walker Scotch, fast cars and Daffy Duck.

What is perhaps most troubling about today’s news is that he’s not driven by radical Islamic fundamentalism or International Anti-Americanism… For all we know, he may just want to destroy the world much like the fictitious characters of his favorite films.

But with a catastrophic payload on the end of a Taepong Dong II missile headed for Japan or South Korea, he’s a lot more dangerous than Dr. No, Goldfinger and Jaws all wrapped in one. Let’s hope the UN Security Council does something useful for a change.

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