Unwelcome Guests

Hi Everyone!

This morning, we continued to follow the incredibly sad story out of Pennsylvania, where five Amish little girls were gunned down in their school two days ago. Now, turns out a group of protesters from a radical church in the Midwest may disrupt the funeral services. More to come on this tomorrow...

The fallout continues on Capitol Hill regarding former Republican Congressman Mark Foley. More instant messages between Foley and high school-age pages have been released — too X-rated to talk about here. The heat is turning up for Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert to resign. But he says he's staying put. Just 30-some days before the midterm elections, some say the release of the Foley information was politically motivated.

Good thing Brian brought his son's candy to work today to sell. In a matter of two hours, all the candy was gone. Brian had some money from Steve and me and many people on the hardworking floor crew. Even Sean Hannity stopped by to hand over some cash and, not to be outdone, Tommy Lasorda decided to top Hannity's donation!

Aside from selling sweets, we also introduced you to the FOX News Channel's 10th Anniversary contest winner this morning: Michael Femiano — 24 years old — will tour New York today and even take in a Broadway show!

Have a great day and we'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning again.

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