Excerpt From Pervez Musharraf's New Book Reminds Us How Much Terrorists Want Us Dead

The Times of London ran a piece yesterday that was from the new book by Pervez Musharraf, president of Pakistan. The book is titled "In the Line of Fire."

The Times of London excerpt is short but it's a vivid, searing reminder of what is going on in this War on Terror and how we've been asleep not even realizing how much these people want to kill us, even after 9/11.

Musharraf describes how a certain guy named Omar Sheikh planned the kidnapping of Danny Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter who was killed in Pakistan while trying to interview Muslim extremists.

Musharraf created a problem for himself, actually, as Pakistan's chief law enforcement officer. He discussed how Omar Sheikh kidnapped Pearl, but things spiraled out of control and someone else took Pearl and killed him. Beheaded him, actually.

That someone else was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who Musharraf says confessed he beheaded Pearl personally.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, of course, planned the 9/11 attacks. This was later. Three thousand dead Americans weren't enough. He had to have one more, and he discovered Omar Sheikh actually had Pearl held captive.

Problem here is that Omar Sheikh has been convicted of killing Pearl and has been sentenced to hang. His case is now on appeal, and if Khalid Sheikh Mohammed actually killed Pearl as Musharraf says in his book, well, Omar Sheikh may win his appeal.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is in Gitmo after a stretch in secret CIA prisons getting waterboarded so he would tell all.

By the way, Musharraf added a little known detail about the Pearl killing. They found Pearl's body in 10 pieces. Ten pieces. Quoting Musharraf: "Our doctors stitched the pieces together best we could."

Some people say Khalid Sheikh Mohammed shouldn't have been mistreated by the CIA.

I wonder if those CIA guys knew he cut Danny Pearl up into 10 pieces.

If they did, that might explain a lot.

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