Your Grrrs: Sept. 26, 2006

Many of you wrote in to comment on Mike's last column and to Grrr! a little yourselves. Here are a few of those responses compiled by FOX News intern Lasette Canady ...

Tom O. in Dublin writes: I have to agree with your piece on the article about Tiger Woods' wife, which appeared in the Dubliner magazine. The article was vile and totally objectionable and was abhorred by all right-thinking Irish people, as was shown by the reaction on various radio talk shows. The magazine, which has a very small circulation, is just a piece of tabloid junk. Where I have to find fault with you is in describing us as anti-American. Many Irish people may disagree with American foreign policy, in particular the war in Iraq, but that doesn't make us anti-American. It just means we don't agree with your foreign policy. I have many friends in America and I love to travel there and visit with them, but does that mean I have to be pro-George Bush? I certainly hope not.

Chad C. Lightens up: The Slips article out of Dublin was clearly meant to be satirical. I'm not saying it was appropriate, but it was never meant to be taken as seriously as you appeared to have. American television is full of sketch comedy shows that overplay their hand for the sake of a laugh, why can't we just accept the piece for what it is and move on? Why do we have to give so much attention?

SuLyn M. Hugo Chavez Grrr: I am outraged that this man Chavez has the audacity to come to our country and badmouth our president! Just amazes me … in this country where free speech is allowed! On top of it … once again … another Hollywood celebrity who can’t keep his politics to himself … introduces Chavez at a speech that he gives in Harlem! Mike … I wonder what would happen if President Bush went over to his country and called Chavez the devil? I bet Cheney would be the president then!!!! What do you think?

Randall from Lindon, Utah, Danny Glover GRRR!: Hugo Chavez comes to the United States with an invitation to “give a speech” at the United Nations. In his rant, er, I mean speech, Chavez calls President Bush the devil. Next day, Chavez goes to Harlem and Danny Glover acts like Chavez is his long-lost brother. What an Obliviot. Danny Glover attempts to give Chavez some credibility and ruins his own. Can citizens of Venezuela stand up and call Chavez a devil? Nope, he’d have them killed. Maybe Mr. Glover should be spending his efforts and credibility by telling Chavez to give his citizens the same right we give him when he comes to the U.S., give them the freedom to call him the devil. I’ll never pay to see another Danny Glover movie.

David S. from Niceville, Fla., writes: The photo of Hugo Chavez with arms around the little girl instantly reminded me of the photo of Saddam Hussein in 1990 with the British youngster named Stuart, just prior to the start of the Gulf War. His concern for Harlem's poor and purportedly shivering masses is sheer propaganda. What's even worse is that the audience was cheering for this two-cent little dictator. It burns me up at how this guy can come to our country, insult our president in front of the world body and proclaims America's days are numbered. On top of that he's allowed outside the confines of the U.N. to say what ever he wants, yet won't allow Venezuelan citizens freedom of speech in their country. What's wrong with this picture?

Emily M. in Seattle, Wash., on Craig B's Pope speech comment: Wow -- I just had to respond to Craig B.'s comments about the Pope's speech. Number one, before you speak on a topic, you really should take five minutes to learn a little bit about it. Have you read a single article about the Pope's speech before you decided to form your opinion of it, or did you just read a headline and decide that was all the information you needed? The Pope was quoting a medieval text. Yes, quoting someone else who spoke about 600 years ago. That's whose views the comment reflected. The Pope didn't "whine like a schoolboy caught with his hand in the cookie jar" -- he apologized for the reaction to his comments, the context of which was clearly misunderstood (either intentionally or, like you, from pure ignorance).

Amy in Nashville Lawsuit GRRR: I have a huge GRRR that I have not seen addressed in your column. There have been a slew of ambulance-chasing attorneys lately who have found it necessary to advertise on daytime television. Every day I enter the break room at my office to enjoy a nice lunch with a little television to break the monotony and I see commercials with middle-aged men and women on a boat surrounded by a group of twenty-somethings in bikinis and board shorts partying, or on an exotic Caribbean island living the “high life." Each one turns to the camera with a cheesy, uncomfortable grin and says, “Thanks (insert attorney’s name). I owe all this to you!” GRRRR!!!! There are enough frivolous lawsuits in this country. Why do they feel the need to advertise for more? “Have you been injured by an overworked or reckless truck driver? You have rights, and we’re here to protect them.” I understand that there are times it is necessary to sue for medical bills, but I don’t think it’s ethical to sue a trucking company that ships thousands of products that we use daily so that you can live the life you’ve always dreamed about. There are too many people in the world looking for their big break to sue somebody and be rewarded with tons of money. And it GRRRs me to no end that every one of these commercials is aimed at suing trucking companies or pharmaceutical companies. Trucking companies ship items we use daily and pharmaceutical companies save lives with the medicines they distribute! I will enjoy and be proud of that fact that I work hard for my money, and that it wasn’t handed to me in some frivolous lawsuit!

Your Grrrs! Get personal ...

Jennifer P. GRRRs: Over the weekend my boyfriend and I went to lunch at a local Italian restaurant at home. Two couples with their little girls sat at a table next to us. One of the husbands was appalled that the restaurant had pulled a few dishes temporarily due to the recent spinach recall (of course, spinach being one of the main ingredients). The server explained that given the recent recall their supplier pulled all fresh spinach from stock and wasn’t selling any to abide by the recall. He was hassling her about it for a few minutes like she was going to be able to do something about it! Guy, how is this hard to understand? Later one of the wives took her daughter to the restroom to change her diaper. I followed suit a few minutes later myself only to find that in the bathroom by the changing table there was a dirty diaper on the floor with all contents exposed -- and a very empty trashcan to the side of the diaper. Gross!

Ashley C. in Memphis, Tenn.: GRRRR!!! to the person driving on a spare tire going 50 mph in the fast/passing lane yesterday and refusing to change lanes when other drivers actually going the speed limit of 65 mph came up behind you! We realize that you are limited on how fast you can drive on your spare tire, but please do us all a favor and stick to the far right lane in this situation. Trying to pass you was no easy feat given the fact that most of the people on the interstate are going the speed limit or faster. Maybe you should stick to the city streets until you have your tire repaired since you are putting those of us who know the rules/laws and obey them in extreme danger with your behavior!

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