New Tools in the Fight Against Spam and E-mail Fraud

If your inbox is clogged with e-mail missives from supposedly deposed African royalty and hucksters posing as eBay, GRISOFT has added anti-spam and anti-phishing protection from Mailshell to its suite of security tools.

Mailshell's SpamCompiler engine determines an e-mail's legitimacy by executing more than one million filter checks in a fraction of a second. The engine will be integrated into GRISOFT's AVG anti-malware tools, which protect users against spyware, adware, dialers, keyloggers, Trojans, and worms.

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A one-year license for GRISOFT's ewido anti-spyware program costs $29.95, two licenses cost $53.95, and 10 licenses cost $191.95. A license entitles the user to free updates and 24-hour e-mail access to technical support.

How to Start Your Own Radio Show

Imagine having your own radio call-in show, where you could promote your products and field questions from potential customers. BlogTalkRadio, a new tool for streaming a live radio show online, makes it possible for small-business owners to create live audio programs where they can peddle their wares.

Each audio program can be scheduled to run for 15, 30, or 60 minutes. Unlike podcasts, which are complete when they go online, shows created with BlogTalkRadio are broadcast live on the Internet as they happen. This allows listeners to call in while the show is in progress.

BlogTalkRadio assigns each program a phone number, so the host can accept up to five incoming calls at one time.

Users receive their own page on BlogTalkRadio's website, to which they can link from their own sites.

As the audio show is broadcast live, it is also recorded by BlogTalkRadio. Saved content can then be archived and made available as a podcast.

BlogTalkRadio is free for show creators and listeners. Plus, a show creator earns half of all ad revenue generated by their blogshow and host channel page.

Check Scanner Makes Remote Deposits Possible

A new document scanner could save business owners trips to the bank. The SB1000, created by BankServ, is a two-sided color scanner that allows business owners deposit checks from the comfort of their offices.

The $225 scanner, which meets all legal standards required by the banking industry for remote deposit, is designed to complement BankServ's DepositNow! system, which enables users to deposit checks online. Aside from saving trips to the bank, the digital-deposit program facilitates use of accounting software. This summer DepositNow! released an optional QuickBooks interface that will update accounts receivable after every deposit.

Yahoo Revamps Web E-mail

Although Yahoo leads the e-mail pack with an estimated 255 million users, according to July 2006 comScore statistics, the Internet giant is adding new features to its Yahoo Mail service, following similar additions by Google and other competitors.

Yahoo Mail Beta, which was made available to the public on Thursday, offers a similar feel to Microsoft Outlook. Like the desktop client, Yahoo mail now offers an integrated calendar, drag and drop e-mail organization and message preview. Yahoo Mail Beta allows the users to have multiple e-mail messages open at the same time and move between messages using tabs. The new version of the mail client includes integration with Yahoo's mapping, weather, and calendar services. It also includes an integrated RSS reader.

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