Ex-Prison Worker Charged With Pimping Out Daughter

An ex-prison officer in Michigan has been charged with pimping out and raping his 26-year-old daughter, according to a media report.

The suspect advertised his daughter's sexual services on the Internet, and sexually assaulted her and three others, authorities told the Detroit Free Press.

The daughter is serving time in jail after pleading guilty to prostitution.

"It's a mess," Milford police Lt. Tom Callahan told the Free Press on Thursday. He said the investigation began several months ago, and police are trying to learn whether there were other victims.

"If everything that is alleged is true, he's pretty sick," Callahan said.

Their names are being withheld to avoid disclosing the identity of a sexual abuse victim.

The man's lawyer told the paper that police have a vendetta against his client and are piling on dubious charges in hopes that something will stick.

"The cops need to shut their mouths," Daniel Randazzo said Friday. "We have evidence that will basically ... make all these charges go away and could very well result in a fairly significant lawsuit" against police.

The suspect was arraigned Monday in Novi District Court on charges of pandering, which carries up to 20 years in prison, and first-degree criminal sexual conduct, which carries a possible life sentence. He was jailed in lieu of a $1.2 million bond. His preliminary examination is Oct. 9.

The woman's lawyer, William Urich, said that at first she was reluctant to tell police about her father's involvement in her crime but later agreed to cooperate.

The father had gained custody of his daughter's daughter, and he made the woman "do things she wouldn't do, by preventing her from having contact with her daughter," Urich told the Free Press.

Urich said there are no allegations of sexual abuse involving the granddaughter, who is under state care.