Funerals Held for Victim, Attacker in Montreal School Shooting

The funerals for the victim and the attacker in last week's Montreal college shooting took place on Tuesday — in sharp contrast of each other.

The younger sister of the student slain at Dawson College remembered her sister as an angel and her best friend.

"I never thought this day would be so soon," Sarah De Sousa said Tuesday during an emotional eulogy at Anastasia's funeral. "I had expectations we would share the future."

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Kimveer Gill, 25, wielding a rapid-fire rifle and two other weapons, went on a shooting rampage on the campus of 10,000 students last Wednesday, killing the 18-year-old De Sousa and wounding 19 others — some critically — before taking his own life when cornered by police.

De Sousa's coffin was draped in the white Dawson flag as it was carried into Our Lady of Czestochowa Church, where several hundred people, including Quebec Premier Jean Charest and Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay, gathered for the somber event.

Many of the students at the service were dressed in pink and black and some were wearing pink roses in honor of De Sousa's favorite color.

Reporters and cameramen were not allowed in the east-end church because De Sousa's family wanted a certain level of privacy.

Gill's 40-minute ceremony on Tuesday drew a sparse crowd — in sharp contrast with the public outpouring of grief at a funeral for De Sousa.

Media were not allowed into Gill's invitation-only Sikh service.

His family, who said last week they were shocked at his actions, have indicated via a funeral home official they will have nothing else to say.

A police car parked at the entrance of the funeral home ensured that only invited guests entered the service.

Meanwhile, students and staff at Dawson returned to their classes Tuesday, six days after the attack.

Two of those wounded in the shooting rampage remain in critical condition.

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