Vermont Shooting Target Wanted Restraining Order, Records Show

A teacher police believe was the target of a shooting rampage that killed her mother and a school colleague had planned to seek a restraining order against the suspect that day, court records show.

Andrea Lambesis had broken off a relationship with Christopher Williams, 27, and the newly released court records show she was scared.

Lambesis told police she was going to seek a restraining order when she finished her day of in-service teacher training on Aug. 24, then change the locks on the home she shared with her mother.

That day, the gunman broke into her home and shot her mother to death. Police say the shooter then went to Essex Elementary School looking for Lambesis. He couldn't find her, but shot and killed teacher Alicia Shanks, 56, and wounded another teacher, before going to a nearby condominium complex and wounding a man he knew, police said.

Williams, who shot himself twice in the head after the rampage, was quickly arrested and appeared in court the next day in a wheelchair.

Mental health counselor Joan Tracy testified at his hearing that Williams had been exposed to domestic violence early in his life and suffered from post traumatic stress disorder as a result. Tracy also said Williams wanted to drown himself in a toilet after his arrest. The judge ordered a psychiatric evaluation.

Williams pleaded not guilty to two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of first-degree attempted murder and was being held without bail.

The newly released search warrants and sworn police statements include lists of evidence from the investigation, including the Ruger P90 allegedly used in the shootings, blood and the shirt Lambesis' mother was wearing when she was killed.

Authorities said Williams, who worked at a bakery while living in Essex, also had an outstanding warrant from Springfield, Mass., in connection with a 2003 incident in which he was charged with violating a restraining order and making death threats against a former girlfriend and her family.

In 2000, he had been sentenced to two years in prison after being convicted of selling drugs in a school zone in Springfield, according to court records.