Was the President's Prime-Time Address Political or Presidential?

As I mentioned to the great Wendell Goler this morning, it felt like fall for the first time this year.

The content of Tuesday's show was mostly about President Bush's speech and the hunt for Usama bin Laden. Personally, I was amazed that many saw the prime-time address as political — I saw presidential.

As for bin Laden and the controversial series, "The Path to 9/11," we booked two sensational guests: Bill Gertz and Robert Young Pelton. Pelton laid out three separate occasions that he knew of where former President Clinton did not pull the trigger on a UBL hit. Gertz called the series accurate. Sadly, Pelton also told me we are still too slow out and klutzy in the region to get bin laden. His book, "Licensed to Kill," talks about how we could get the terror leader and how we should do it.

I was amazed at how funny Alan Alda was and is! OK, he was funny on "M*A*S*H" with a script, but who knew he could adlib like that? His book chronicles his rough, unusual upbringing and anyone who thinks they were dealt a bad hand in life should read his best-seller!

Finally, expect a surprise this week on the guest list front. I promise that you'll be pleasantly surprised!


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