Iraqi Security Forces Kill 3 Al Qaeda in Iraq Operatives

Iraq's Interior Ministry said security forces killed three Al Qaeda in Iraq members during a raid in central Baghdad on Sunday morning.

Interior Ministry spokesman Brig. Abdul-Kerim Khalaf said police raided a building in the capital's central Karradah district, leading to an hour-long gunfight with the suspects inside. Three Iraqi men — who Khalaf said were members of Al Qaeda in Iraq — were killed, and a fourth suspect managed to flee.

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He identified two of those killed as Hossam Hammad Ajil and Mohammed Abdul-Jabar Farhan. The third person who was killed was not immediately identified, but the man who fled was Abu Jaafar al-Leibi, Khalaf said.

Police raiding the building found a bomb-making factory, forged documents and CDs, the spokesman said.

Khalaf displayed the ID cards of two of the men killed, and showed several photographs of the material seized in the raid.

CountryWatch: Iraq