Escaped Man Charged in Lawyer's Kidnapping Found Hiding in Closet

An escaped prisoner accused in the videotaped kidnapping of a lawyer who was grabbed at gunpoint outside her loft was captured Saturday after authorities acting on a tip swarmed an apartment where he was discovered hiding in a closet.

Dedrick Griham, 35, was found in Birmingham, about 90 miles north of the state prison where he escaped Thursday night. He had stuffed his bunk with clothes to make it appear he was under the covers and cut through a chain-link fence.

Investigators suspect Griham had help fleeing from Staton prison and were questioning several people who were reportedly in the apartment with him.

Agents got a tip that Griham was in the area and cordoned off a block around the small apartment complex, said Brian Corbett, a spokesman with the Alabama Department of Corrections.

"They found him hiding in an upstairs apartment in a closet. He was not armed," said Corbett.

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Griham, who has a long criminal record and apparently was out on parole by mistake at the time of the abduction, is accused of rape, sodomy and robbery in the May 31 kidnapping, which was captured by a parking lot surveillance camera as the lawyer got out of her car.

The abduction drew wide notice as the videotape, which shows a man approaching and pushing her inside before driving off, was aired on cable television a short time after it occurred.

The woman's ordeal ended nine hours later when she was rescued from a motel room where law officers said she had been held against her will.

Corbett said Griham will face additional escape charges in state and federal court.