'Grey's Anatomy' Cast Says Love Triangle Will Be Straightened Out in Third Season

The doctors were in, as cast and crew of the hot TV medical drama "Grey's Anatomy" converged Tuesday night for a celebration of the DVD release of the show's second-season episodes.

The cast was generally tightlipped about third-season plot developments, but word did slip that the Meredith-Derek-Addy love triangle would finally be resolved, at least to some degree.

"Well, I think that you do see it, there is definitely a resolution, otherwise it becomes a really strange isosceles triangle," Kate Walsh (Dr. Addison Shepherd) told AP Television.

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"So you see a resolution to the love triangle and you see all of the characters on their own a little more, myself included," she added. "The relationship becomes in it's proper proportion. You see them who they are as a person and who they are professionally in a whole new and different way."

There was also talk of some casting news: Diahann Carroll and Richard Roundtree will appear in recurring roles as the parents of Dr. Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington)

"Grey's Anatomy: The Complete Second Season — Uncut," which also includes about five hours of extras, hits stores Sept. 12. The show begins its third season on its new day, Thursday, Sept. 21 on ABC.

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