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Because so many of you e-mailed me wanting to hear more from my colleague Jennifer Griffin and the efforts to get Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig released from the captors, I taped an interview before our show with her last night. The decision that must now be made by my producer is where and when to air it. It is a long interview (by TV standards) and it might make more sense to put it on our "On the Record" show page so that you can log on and watch it when you want. We had to tape it because she has a rather tight schedule while she is back in the United States. She wants to take advantage of the time here and see her family (of course) and then she heads back. Whether we air the interview on our show or put it on the show page for you to see via the Internet, I hope you watch.

By the way, have you noticed who in the media is still in the Gulf states area covering Katrina? SHEP! I hope you have been watching his live reporting from the region. It is great.

I have been asked many times about "On the Record" gear. FOX has just added to the FOX store some new "On the Record" mugs. Here is the link if you have any interest. (By the way, I receive no money for your purchase… but I do get "bragging rights" if our mugs outsell the products for other shows!)

I bought a few of the mugs… gave one to Bernie and one to Ted last night.

I have a question: Can you get GPS software to add to a Motorola Q smartphone? (This answer won't get posted...)

And here are a few other questions… your answers may get posted: What do you think about the prosecution of Warren Jeffs? What do you think about polygamy?

Now for some e-mails…

E-mail No. 1

I applaud Mary Lacy! Shame on you Greta. I love your show but for the first time I disagree with you. At the end of the day, when I put my child in the bed to go to sleep I am thankful this sicko is not walking the streets (in ANY country).
Kay Greenwood

ANSWER: Kay, thanks for the note. We won't always agree…even my husband does not always agree with me. You and I don't agree on the DA Mary Lacy, but please note that I don't want John Karr on the street — but we need to be smart about it (follow the rules and the Constitution) or else he will be out and putting others possibly at risk. Doing it wrong is a huge disservice. You have no idea how bad it is when we do things the wrong way in the criminal justice system — it often means dangerous people go free.

E-mail No. 2

You have always been fair to your guests. However I think you lost your manners when you interviewed Mary Lacy the other day. Did you need to be so mean and aggressive? After all, if nothing would have been done after this clown made these statements, you would have been first in line to attack her for doing nothing. It has been news programs including OTR that has hyped this story until it has become a circus. Now you want to blame this DA for jumping the gun. I think you have an excellent show and think you do a great job night after night. However, you are on the wrong side of this one.
Joe Rapposelli

ANSWER: Joe, I did not interview Boulder DA Mary Lacy so I am a bit confused by your note. I would like to interview her. I am rigid when it comes to following the rules when we do investigations and make arrests. Why? Because one mistake could mean a prosecution gets thrown out… it depends on the magnitude of the mistake. You should have the same commitment to getting right. This is not about being "nice" to anyone, this is about protecting the community.

E-mail No. 3

Here's to taking care of two problems at once on immigration. A win-win situation: Dig a moat the length of the Mexican border. Take the dirt and raise the levees in New Orleans, and put the Florida alligators in the moat. Any other problems you would like for me to solve?
O. Seale
Crowley, TX

E-mail No. 4

Are typical male pedophiles rail thin in appearance? Seems to be commonplace lately.
Charles Hoffmann
San Antonio, TX

E-mail No. 5

I read your article on the Lexington accident. I do not have a private jet as your friend does but even in my Piper Warrior, I have a clip on the yoke that holds the approach plate (that is what the paper you are referring to is called.) I have a limited subscription to just the areas I mostly fly to so I don’t have one for Kentucky, but most airports that size would have a separate one just for the airport that shows the taxi ways, etc. I have a portable GPS that would show which runway I was on, I would think a jet as new as the one involved would have what they call a “glass cockpit” that would have a panel mounted GPS that would be even easier to read. The runway number is clearly marked on the runway itself, even if it was obscured due to recent construction standard practice is to take the runway and verify all the instruments are set correctly and that all the systems gauges are reading correctly. You would as a matter of course check your “wet compass” with your directional gyro. I do that in the Warrior certainly you would pay even closer attention when you needed 5,000 feet to take off. Lastly it is clearly the pilots' responsibility for the flight. I don’t want to sound holier then thou because I have made plenty of stupid mistakes flying, but there really is no legitimate excuse for this accident, and blaming the controller is certainly not valid, although he sure picked a bad time to turn around.
All the best,

E-mail No. 6

I may not be a pilot, but I’ve been driving a car for over 25 years. Enough with the CHARTS just put signs on ALL short runways that say: “Do not enter if you need more than 3,500 feet to take off.” If each runway is clearly marked with lighted signs saying what runway number it is and how long it is then no pilot in the world could get on the wrong one.
David Drongesen
Las Vegas, NV

E-mail No. 7

To clarify for you and others who may not know. The runway number indicates the direction in which you will be flying when you take off. Just add a zero to the number and you have the direction on the compass that you are facing for takeoff. If the aircraft took off on runway 26, they were heading almost due West (West is 290 degrees). Runway 22 is almost Southwest or 220 degrees. Southwest is 225 degrees. I would think that they would have noticed that they were on the wrong heading but something may have distracted them. My opinion is that the only way that they could have cleared the obstructions on runway 26 would have been to do a full power takeoff but they didn't know they were on the wrong runway so they would not have used the full power but a rollout takeoff. A rollout takeoff usually takes 20-23 seconds from start to rotate (takeoff).
Hopefully when the first officer recovers, he will be able to shed some light on this tragedy.
Roger McGehee, Jr. PLLC

E-mail No. 8

I am trying to find the episode of "On the Record" that included a guest by the name of William (Bill) Myers. He was a high school classmate of mine and I would love to see the show he was on.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thank You,
Wendy Wegner

ANSWER: This is the test to see if Bill Myers reads www.gretawire.com. Bill is a newspaper reporter who covered the courts (he was on our show to discuss Colin Finnerty, the Duke lacrosse player who was in court in Washington, D.C.) but now covers Capitol Hill. Bill? Are you reading?

E-mail No. 9

[Here we] go again. I hope you have gotten Geraldo in to handle "On the Record" Have you people removed the spineless, gutless jellyfish known as Greta Van Stratten (sic). How much longer do we have to suffer watching the coward???? Just remove her. Set America free. If you don't want Geraldo, give O'Rielly (sic) two hours. He can't stand the jellyfish either. I'm sure he would take spinelesses (sic) spot.

ANSWER: I think this guy is a fan. I bet he buys one of those new "On the Record" mugs.

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