Grrr! If You're Not Part of the Solution...

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.

We all know people like this: the ones who do nothing to solve problems but are there to be heard. They'll yell and scream and generally cause people around them to waste time dealing with their destructive behavior, rather than solving whatever the issue is.

You probably work with — or worse, for — someone like this.

These are the negative people who make positive people sick, and unfortunately, they do it better than anything else.

Gee, what's your contribution to the effort Mr. or Ms. Screamer?

"Well, I like to think that I scare people into action."

Yeah, right. Actually, you're doing nothing but causing resentment toward you and forcing otherwise reasonable and sane people to start praying to the karma gods for a house to fall on your head.

The whiners are just as bad as the screamers.

Over the weekend I worked the red carpet at the Emmys. Los Angeles was particularly hot on Sunday, and standing on a red carpet, in the sun, in black-tie attire wasn't fun for anyone.

But on top of the typical complaints about the heat, I heard others as I walked about the Shrine Auditorium.

One crew member from an entertainment show was badgering his producer about not having eaten before the crews were locked down on the red carpet, and was complaining about not being able to get to "the food tent." I mean seriously complaining. Like a child.

Meanwhile, I noticed this guy milling about for an hour or two before we were all "locked down" by security.

I couldn't believe this guy was actually a grown man.

Still others were whining about not having enough water. You would think we were in Baghdad for crying out loud, instead of in Los Angeles covering the beautiful people.

You want to complain about heat, go work for a war correspondent! Could you imagine some of these whiners being sent to cover Hurricane Katrina, where there was no food and no water? Grrr!

Usually when I cover these things I come out Grr-ing celebrities or their publicists, but this time the heat apparently brought out the worst in the Fourth Estate.

But it was the first time I didn't hear moaning and groaning when the big stars breezed right on by the camera and reporters. They wanted the red carpet to end!

Meanwhile, Joan Rivers celebrated her 1,000th red carpet interview with trumpets and much fanfare, although the comedienne could have been trumpeting her 1000th face lift.

How does Joan interview so many people? Because her eyes are in the back of her head! She never misses anyone! Joan, "can we talk?"

Debra Messing was her 1,000th interview, by the way. Her show, "Will and Grace," has finally bowed and won't be seeing another season, and her co-star, Megan Mullally, won for best supporting actress in a comedy series.

I don't get what's so funny about Mullally, but then again, I was never a fan of the show.

I asked David Shore, the creator and executive producer of "House," if actors — in this case Emmy-snubbed Hugh Laurie — really care about winning the award.

"The simple answer, yes," he said.

On the flipside, both Alfre Woodard ("Desperate Housewives") and Patrick Dempsey ("Grey's Anatomy") both told FOX News that there are more important things going on in the world.


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