Pastor Rick Warren, bestselling author of "The Purpose Driven Life," wants to use a global network of churches to revolutionize the way we tackle what he calls the "global giants" of poverty, disease, illiteracy, spiritual emptiness and egocentric leadership.

On Sunday, we took you inside the story of this evangelical icon, and went along as he kicked off his monumental mission in Africa — applying the principals of "The Purpose Driven Life" to Rwanda, a country that nearly destroyed itself more than a decade ago.

Now, FNC wants to know what YOU think — Can Rick Warren's plan work, or is he just a dreamer?

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

“As a Christian, I am hopeful that Pastor Warren's big dream will become a reality. As a marketing professional, who understands the value of networking, there is no doubt in my mind that this distribution plan will go significantly farther than all the money we are throwing at countries all over the world. If the church understands and embraces this challenge, we might soon see a revolutionary way to help the sickest and weakest among us.” — Dennis

“Yes! Rick Warren is doing the right thing. He's taken the initiative to put his faith into action. As a Christian, I am deeply inspired by his ministry to Africa, and would love to step up and join in. Rick Warren and his team are doing what everyone wants to see done, but never knew how to accomplish. He's on to something big, and I see this ministry growing throughout Africa on to every part of the world. Praise God for those who are willing to get out of their comfort zone and reach a hurting and dying world.” — Lori (Cedar Rapids, IA)

“Thank you to FOX News and David Asman for the great program. With God in charge, I know it can be done! I pray it will happen, and I will help.” — Dalton

“This was a marvelous special. It is encouraging to see how Rick Warren is utilizing his opportunity to serve God in a really needed way. The U.N. is a complete dismal failure. I agree with President Bush that so much can be accomplished and in a more economical and productive way in our groups of faith, rather than through the government.” — Susan

“Rick Warren is doing the important job of reminding others of their own ability to change the world, and it is a disservice to his work to imply that his is a unique power, when in fact it is only his calling to a very public forum that makes his work different from what each of us can choose to do.” — Virginia (Greenville, SC)

“Your special on Rick and Kay Warren was fantastic, inspiring and touching. Most Christians desire relationship over religion, purpose over judgment, peace over hatred and action over empty words. Rick and Kay Warren are the essence of a life of purpose. Thank you, and keep up the good work!” — B.H. (Lake Oswego, OR)

“Rick Warren is really onto something. This fourth generation preacher understands that Christians are supposed to be God's hands and feet here on the earth, and not just 'big mouths' as he says. A fascinating and challenging documentary!” — Lisa

“All we can say is, 'Bravo!' An informative and thought provoking piece about a humble man {Rick Warren) who knows that all things are possible through God. We hope you will do a follow-up on his and his wife's work in Rwanda.” — Pete & Audrey (New York)

“Rick Warren is not pushing a religion as some seem to think — if they read his book, "The Purpose Drive Life" they would know better. It's about finding your purpose in life and then fulfilling it.” — Bob (Shreveport, LA)

“What an excellent program about what Rick Warren is trying to do in Rwanda. Thank you for producing programs with a message of hope.” — Larry (Silverdale, WA)

"I absolutely agree with Rick Warren. Our money sent to charities through corrupt governments is a waste. It never gets to the people. The billions of churches worldwide can join together and get this done. I wish the Hollywood crowd, and Oprah, would join him and his solution. They keep asking what can be done, and Warren has the answer." — Linda

"What is Warren’s P.E.A.C.E. plan? It is one that drives to bring all religions together as one. Warren claims to find a man of peace in each town and work with him, even if he is not a Christian. This doesn’t sound like the work a pastor should be doing. It sounds more like the job of Kofi Annan." — Brian (Minneapolis, MN)

"I like Rick Warren’s P.E.A.C.E. plan better than the naysayers lack of a plan. Warren may reach for the stars and only get the moon, but you can be sure that if you reach for nothing, that is exactly what you will get." — Pastor Louis (Midlothian, VA)

"No, the root of all five 'global giants' is political and religious repression. So the obvious answer is freedom and capitalism. The world's 'haves' have freedom and the 'have-nots' have political and religious repression. Historically, the world's Rick Warrens brought Dark Ages, fatwas, and socialism." — William

"I have been in Rwandan refugee camps in one of the most worthless parts of Western Tanzania, where barely anything grows. The end game to the P.E.A.C.E. plan will be when those camps are empty and the people are back in Rwanda." — Stephen

"It surely could work if all the churches participate! Churches, are HUGE, beyond HUGE actually. What a wonderful approach to poverty and illiteracy! Why have not we thought of this before now? Or, maybe it is just that now is the right time for it, because of the technology available today." — C.P.

"Rick Warren cannot change the world. Neither can his philosophy or his idea of a global network of churches. What kind of churches? Is he planning a new religion? We know that different religious denominations will not be easily pulled into cooperating as one. All he is trying to do is tie into this 'U.N. mentality' that is growing in the church — the idea that we can work as one. No we can't. The UN can't do it, and that should be evidence enough." — Ricky (Mansfield, TX)

"What do we have to lose? The situation is catastrophic, and anything will be better than nothing. World leaders and the U.N. have failed and will continue to fail. At least Rick Warren has a vision. I say, let's go for it!" — Karl (Corona, CA)

"I agree that the church is the most effective tool we have in reaching out to those in need. Why do you think President Bush is so adamant about faith based programs? They work." — Debra (Geneseo, IL)

"Rick is making a positive change in the world, and that in itself is a success. If each person used their life to make a difference, the world would truly be changed!" — Randy

"No, Rick Warren cannot change the world. He is just riding a wave of 'church media fame.'" — Rachel (Los Angeles, CA)

"Everything materializes from someone's dream. Let's give Rick a chance, since no one else has been successful yet." — Rezersky

"Rick Warren has the right vision. It is not a government issue, a U.S. issue, or even a U.N. issue. The question is: will we do it, or will we sit back in our armchairs and allow others to take the bull by the horns? It is a choice!" — G.A.

"Perhaps Rick Warren is a dreamer, however he is right on target. It is evident that the government can’t fix the big problems, so why not say, 'Go for it, Rick,' and then join in and help him?" — Brian

"Yes, it will work. Networks of local, caring, congregations are where the action can happen. He is a creative, spirit-directed thinker, who is ahead of our times." — Randy (Savoy, IL)

"Let Rick Warren try — Lord knows all the charity and tax money going to third world countries over the past several decades hasn't solved the problem. Can he do worse?" — Michael (Placerville, CA)

"The problems are not going away now. Government certainly has not been able to solve them, and depending where one is in their religious walk, Rick Warren seems the most logical choice. Quite frankly, he has had more influence on human existence than anyone I else know, of late. — Kathy (Minnesota)

"Rick is not a dreamer; he's a purpose-driven pastor. Rick cannot accomplish anything on his own, but by the power that God gives him, he can." — Rebecca

"Rick Warren can't change the world, but the Lord can, of course!" — Sheri (California)

"Pastor Rick Warren is right. Throwing money at problems will solve nothing. There must be involvement on the part of the church." — Carmen (Northridge, CA)

"The church got lazy and let the government do all the work. Government always messes things up — it should keep the peace and protect our borders. For other things, it needs to get out of the way and the church needs to get busy, and network as Rick says. The effects of networking have already been seen in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. We are still there and still going." — Jeff

"Everything starts with a dream or a thought. One man’s dream, with the help of many, can change the lives of millions!" — Pat