Lieberman's Likely Win Will Be Embarrassing for Democrats

Michael Moore and left-wing bloggers were all atwitter last week when they could gloat over Ned Lamont beating Joe Lieberman in the Connecticut Democratic primary.

The flagship of the far left on the Internet, the Daily Kos, demanded Lieberman be kicked off all committees in the Senate immediately and all Democrats be forced to vow to support Lamont immediately.

Michael Moore wrote an open letter to Democrats who voted for the war. Either recant your vote, disavow your pro-war stance, or else. He specifically threatened Hillary Clinton.

Look at what happened to Lieberman they crowed. We targeted him because of his war vote and we can target you. Be afraid, be very afraid.

I called them the Pol Pots of the far left, the Khmer Rouge. I said they wanted a mountain of skulls. People said I was being excessive.

Perhaps, but no more excessive that the braying lefties screeching at any war supporters, I thought.

Then today, news that Michael Moore and the Daily Kos and the others may have spoken too soon.

The Quinnipiac poll says Connecticut voters actually favor Lieberman in the general election — running as an independent — over Democrat Lamont by 11 points.

Among Republicans, Lieberman has a 62-point lead over Lamont. And among independents, Lieberman has a 22-point lead over Lamont.

This poll director said: "Senator Lieberman's support among Republicans is nothing short of amazing. It more than offsets what he has lost among Democrats."

This is going to be embarrassing for Democrats this fall. Lieberman was supposed to go away quietly, chastised by his party for wanting to regime change Saddam.

Instead it looks like he's going to beat the anti-war Democrat.

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