Chaos on the Border?

This weekend, Bill O'Reilly and I will be up on the northern border where we'll see border security firsthand. This comes as GAO investigators report that between February and June 2006, 18 investigators got by borders agents at checkpoints in Texas, California, Michigan, Idaho, Washington and twice in Arizona and New York. In some cases, border agents didn't even ask for ID. What is most disturbing is that MORE investigators have been able to get in to the country with fake documents each year when they conduct these probes.

Part of the problem may be that more than 8,000 different kinds of ID are acceptable, which makes it difficult to know enough about each of them to spot the fakes. Congress is considering delaying a 2007 deadline requiring passports or a small number of tamper-proof identity cards from people who enter the U.S. Lawmakers in northern states fear the requirement will create long lines at entry points and hurt tourism and commerce.

Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney is suing the editor and publisher of an Atlanta newspaper for libel. They printed an editorial including the information that she struck a police officer with her cell phone. Although the Capitol Hill police officer and numerous eye witnesses say that's what happened, she says it didn't. We'll see where this goes. In the meantime, she trails Hank Johnson in the Democratic primary runoff by 15 points.

And here is information from the inside regarding the Lebanon-Israel battle. Israeli embassy personnel have been telling U.S. officials since last week that they want a cease-fire even though the message has been different on TV. Then, yesterday, Vice Premier Shimon Peres said, "The minute Hezbollah will stop firing there will be a cease-fire." He was speaking at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. No other conditions were mentioned as being attached — nothing about the kidnapped soldiers being returned, a new international force coming in, or anything else. Frankly, few people give a fig about any international force. There has been a United Nations force (UNTSO) in Syria for years supposedly keeping the peace and helping regulate the relations between Syria and Israel. But they haven't done anything to stop the flow of weapons from Syria into Lebanon to a group their very institution (U.N.) declared must leave Lebanon. The international U.N. force (UNIFIL) in Lebanon has spent years sending detailed reports back the U.N. about the problems between Hezbollah and Israel yet they were never authorized to do anything about it. In fact, 257 UNIFIL personnel have lost their lives since its creation.

OK, let's lighten it up a bit. Here's the latest celebrity news from across The Pond courtesy of our Neil Sean:

What a week – meeting with her royal highness Madonna, backstage at a party to kick-start the U.K. leg of her wonderful tour "Confessions of a Dance Floor." Now is it me or is the fact that her hands — which have been blasted here in the U.K. for looking old — look fine in the flesh – trickery perhaps to grab a story. The show and Madonna were great – her version of the Donna Summer classic "I Fell Love" brings the house down. Lets just say she has the full support of her family as I spotted in the wings both her children and super hunk hubby Guy Ritchie. She is charming and a dedicated pro without a doubt, but let a little confession of her own: "time I can't get enough I love to do so many things and you know like all working mums it's against me." Is she learning to watercolor paint? Well, I noted an easel in the dressing room – Vogue!

— Off to the Dorchester Hotel next to meet up with a girl with real girl power – the wonderful Margaret Thatcher who was there to unveil a new portrait of herself as part of a new exhibition. The ex-PM told me that she still plays an active part in politics even though at 80 others are slowing down: "The key to it all is to be active simple as that enjoy life and make others enjoy life too. I have so much more to do now and still have plenty of ambitions left." What a lady and whatever your thoughts about the former PM, she can really hold a room – that is without a doubt – a real pleasure.

— Start spreading the news: The latest musical based on the life of Frank Sinatra at the world-famous London Palladium is closing early due to low ticket sales. But now a even bigger problem – it would appear that the theatre in questions did not get all the rights to use the classic hits. Cue, of course, the threat of a legal problem. Still, I have to admit the show is patchy and while the eternally young daughter of Frank — boot-wearing Nancy — popped over earlier this year, she was in well… diva land. We asked at the after show party if we may have a picture with the legend's daughter. Not a chance. She whipped off to a private room to sit with family. Ever heard of selling the show, dear? Of course it will now come as a shock that the whole expensive production is closing early with losses… not hers though, I presume.

— Let me tell you, Tom Cruise must be mad. Why? I met with his stunning ex, Penelope Cruz — in town plugging her new movie, "Volver." I was amazed at her range, having only previously known her for her liaison with Tom and a few bit parts. Charming and funny and sexy as hell, this lady "cruzed" into the Soho Hotel with all the class of a 1940s movie legend and wooed all the waiting media. The movie she said was a labor of love but told me afterwards, "I am now looking for a comedy role and I want to show off my wicked sense of humor – not many people know that I have that kind of funniness with me." Oh we do, Pen — you dated Tom! Now single, she told me, "I like the look of English men, but you know personality is the best thing. I think that is so much more important than looks – every girl secretly thinks that."

— Despite flogging the dead horse of her singing career, bottle blonde Christina Aguilera has failed to land the No. 1 slot with her first single in three years here in the U.K. Perhaps the highly strung diva needs to learn that here in the U.K. when you're here to promote that is what you do — promote! Not just see a selective few media types in the hope that it will be enough. Also, while staying at the luxury Sanderson Hotel she was a total doll, which makes the media shambles all the more bewildering.

— Have you guys heard of a comedy show called "Little Britain"? Well, the stars of the show have signed with the ex-Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller. I can honestly say it's vastly overrated and you would be better spending your time holding out for more Ricky Gervias from "The Office."

— '80s star George Michael has still been battling his latest sex scandal since we last hooked up and I have to tell you it's getting funnier by the day. The bearded one has rung up a daily hit daytime show to tell his side of the story… we're all still laughing now mate, but the best bit is the hapless boyfriend called Kenny Goss. George told a tabloid newspaper, "I gave him a million after we had been together 10 years. He knows what I am like." Talk about true love, eh girls?

— My favorite trashcan girl Pamela Anderson got married to Kid Rock in St. Tropez over the weekend, all the while denying to me recently she had no plans to do that. Thing is, the super blonde — who at 39 must be hearing the ticking clock of sex symbol time — had a whale of a time, but also told my source: "I am marrying for love and have no pre-nup. I don't believe in that at all. Love should conquer all." It must be all that bleach, eh girls?

— Sat near new Bond, Daniel Craig, last week at a top restaurant. Hey, don't judge him until you have seen the new movie, "Casino Royale." The super blonde hunk turned every head in the place and knew it. But first he made sure that his stunning and beautiful companion was seated and given a drink — maybe those Bond manners are rubbing off. But has he given up the ciggies? My lips are sealed for now.

— Remember Liza's ex, David Gest? I was sat tables away from the dark-glasses wearing now single man. Whom should he be gushing up to throughout the night? English nightingale Petula Clark of "Downtown" fame. They are planning a comeback concert for her at some point during the year. Is he as "facially challenging" in the flesh? You bet.

Woody Allen cannot escape a string of flops. After "Match Point" now comes "Scoop," once again starring the one-trick pony, Scarlett Johansson. The movie has been panned by critics even though Woody made it here in the U.K. It would appear that he has run out of his luck, but still likes to play in small jazz clubs around the town when he gets the chance.

Simon Cowell has kissed and made up with his long-term squeeze, I can confirm. The mega star who has dated model Terri Seymour for some years was dining at Caprice last week and told me, "it was blown out of proportion. The girl in question is a friend and we were discussing work nothing more. And lets face it, Neil, would I be that silly? I am way too busy with all my shows right now and life is good — well, great actually."

— Caught up with the lovely hunk Jamie Foxx last week while he was promoting his new movie "Miami Vice." Lets just say, girls, that he is currently the No. 1 choice to take on the role of the new Calvin Klein model. A mole told me that he is been chased by them after they saw him strip on set. He does have a great body, but so far has been shy to show it off. Show him the money and lets see more!

— No wonder Jude Law had an affair with the nanny. His not-now-so-famous squeeze, Sienna Miller — who milked it for all it was worth — is, I can reveal, a dedicated painting by numbers fan. She told me, "It's a cranky hobby that I have got and yes I do it with friends we all sit around and just talk eat snacks and paint it's great fun." Thrilling, dear.

— Just to clear up a story about the lovely Johnny Depp starring as film icon Fatty Arbuckle, let me tell you Johnny told me recently: "I am fascinated by his life and ideally would love to make the movie into something, but not starring me. Who knows? There are plenty of ideas that could be done, but I would like a crack at directing in the future. Who knows…."

Until next week, don't miss myself and the lovely E.D. (New York's hottest glamour –- I should know, I have met her in the flesh!) every Friday on "FOX & Friends." Have a great week,
Neil Sean

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