Mumbai or Bombay: What's in a Name?

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As I am sure you know, Tuesday in India there was a terrorism attack. Eight bombs were set off on commuter trains killing about 150 people and hurting about 500. As we prepared to report it on our show last night, we discovered an issue: What is the name of the city where this terrorism occurred? We heard right away two names: Bombay and Mumbai. In our preparation for the show we got a bit of an education — here is a sentence I lifted from an Associated Press article from November 2004:

"In 1995, the City Council of Bombay renamed India's largest city Mumbai, after the Hindu goddess Mumbadevi. Nine years on, the financial and entertainment hub is still most commonly known as Bombay, although most of the world, including the U.S. government and the European Union, officially accepts Mumbai."

Then began our show debate: Do we use the name Bombay, since we suspected that is what most of our viewers would recognize as the name? We wanted viewers to know where this terrorism occurred. Or do use the new name of Mumbai? I started our discussion by saying, "Let's use Bombay. That's what we all know. That is what I learned in school and I think that is what most people might recognize." I then admitted that I had never heard of Mumbai and realized it was a shortcoming on my part.

After some discussion, I changed my mind and decided that we should use the actual name of the city — not what I learned growing up — and thus we used Mumbai. It seems disrespectful to use the old name and not the current one. And, just because I don't know something doesn't mean the rest of you don't know it — maybe I am the only one. But the bottom line is that I have learned something new and I am always happy to learn.

I was in New York City on Tuesday for a number of reasons, but one of the reasons was to tape an interview with Jack Hanna and about 20 animals from around the world.

As you might imagine, when Jack comes to town we have to make special arrangements for the taping. The guests he brings are anything but ordinary. We had lots of exotic animals in the green room and in the halls outside the studio. I am not sure when we will air the show, but we sure had lots of great guests: a fox, bearcat, cougar, duck, etc. Needless to say we get lots of famous guests at FOX and it is fun to meet famous people, but I have never seen such a crowd of colleagues show up to meet guests as I did yesterday!

Today we head from New York City to Detroit. We are in Detroit working on a special project and we can't get our work done there and get back to Washington in time for the show. Hence, it's "On the Record" from Detroit!

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Hi Greta,
In my opinion, Pam Bondi should be permitted to keep Noah. The signs of abuse and improper care are loud and clear. I have a brother who is a vet in Cinti and I have personally worked for many vets here in Texas. There is really no excuse for a pet to acquire heartworms! The prevention is there and has been for some time. The fact that you could count Noah's ribs is disgusting! Imagine how long this dog was mistreated and neglected to become so emaciated! But look at him now: he is the picture of health and a beautiful dog. Also, it is obvious that Pam loves and cares for this dog.
Now for Nifong: short and sweet, he's gotta go!
Best regards as usual,
P.S. I totally agree with the gal re: Natalee Holloway case.

E-mail No. 2

Of course Noah should stay with Pam, because of the evidence of neglect by his prior owner. If it wasn't for the neglect, I would say that he should go back to his prior owner even though returning him would be very difficult for Pam. Given the medical evidence, this case should be a slam dunk in Pam's favor. Maybe Jayne Weintraub or some other disinterested Florida lawyer could give an analysis of this case. (On a slow news night. I'm not suggesting that you put this ahead of human tragedy or other major stories.)
You as an animal lover would be a great addition to Pam's legal dream team. Are you licensed to practice in Florida? If not, you should be admitted for this one case!
Melinda Romeo
Cleveland, OH

E-mail No. 3

Don't mean to be a hag, BUT there is sooooooo much going on in the world that is IMPORTANT why do you waste your show time on stories like Lewis the Cat and now on the Noah story? Some of us don't have all day to watch TV so we tune in at night to get the needed information from the shows we can catch.
I think the dog should go back to the former owners — just because she is a rich woman doesn't mean she should prevail...send the dog back to the owners, have the Shelter people arrest them for cruelty and then she can re-adopt it, now, on with the relevant news ok?
London, KY

E-mail No. 4

Did anybody ask Noah if he wants to go back to New Orleans? I saw the interview and I don't think you could get him to leave the good life he has now. It's like the old adage about the 800 lb gorilla: Where does the 150 lb dog stay? Anywhere he wants!
CS Clark
Cincinnati, OH

E-mail No. 5

Hi Greta,
I believe that Pam Bondi should be allowed to keep Noah, especially since she got these dogs the proper medical help that they so desperately needed. It's obvious to me that these animals were totally abused, to the point of life threatening illness. The former owners do not deserve to have these dogs. It would be a crime to return them to their former owners, in my opinion.
Regarding the DA, I would definitely vote for Lewis Cheek. Mr. Nifong doesn't appear to have a clue as to what is going on, like so many of our judges today. I think this is disgusting, he should be thrown out of his office.
Evelyn Montonen
Las Vegas, NV
P.S. Thanks for all the pictures that you post on your blog, Greta. Yes, I'm the lady that loves pictures!

E-mail No. 6

I think that Pam Biondi should be allowed to keep the dog. She obviously cares more about that sweet thing than its previous humans did. Their treatment of him was negligent to say the least. It's surprising to me that, after all was said and done, the other humans even have a chance at re-claiming him.
I once "stole" a young female beagle from a very bad existence. Every time I saw her she was chained to a tree, and lived outside in a decrepit doghouse that was filthy. My heart ached every time I drove past the house. One afternoon I had just had it. I parked down the street, walked in to the yard (daylight), saw how filthy and scared she was, with no food, and no water, and I decided her humans did not deserve her. She was so happy to get out of that environment. Now my neighbors have her and she is a happy, healthy girl, and she always looks out for my house!
Seattle, WA

E-mail No. 7

I believe Pam Bondi should keep the dog considering what shape it was in when she "rescued" him. You can tell just by looking at her she loves that dog. Heck no, I wouldn't vote for Nifong after the circus he has created.
One more thing: I don't see how you function traveling so much. You must be able to function on little or no sleep. I got back home Sun. at 4 a.m. after flying for eight hours and come to find out my suitcase was still in frickin' Denver. It took me two days to recuperate. I can't wait for the next update on Peter.
Clarissa Lockett,
Houston, TX

E-mail No. 8

Greta Van Susteren,
I loved the piece you did on Noah, the St. Bernard and Pam Bondi. I hope she wins her case; she should as the care and rehabilitation she has given to the dog is a remarkable testament to human kindness. Noah is a beautiful animal and should live in the Bondi home where he is loved and loved.
Frankly, I am getting rather sick and tired of hearing about the Duke U. La Crosse team on not only your show, but the others on FOX ("Hannity & Colmes," for example) as well. Let's please give it a rest until the trial, unless some really shocking new evidence has been found. The boys are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
Perhaps the best way to force Aruba to do something about solving the Natalee Holloway case is to urge all travel agencies, etc., cruise lines, etc., to boycott the place. There are plenty of other islands in the Caribbean to visit, some even prettier with just as nice hotels and casinos. As former LAPD Detective Mark Fuhrman suggested, and please correct me if I am wrong, "go find another beach to lie on." This national boycott should be well publicized in the media and could actually have an effect on the economy. Money talks.
Do you think you could give your audience more details on Beth Twitty's organization on safe travel for teens and young adults?
I watch your program nightly, Monday thru Friday, and if I am not at home, TiVo it.
Sincerely yours,
Mary Minshall

E-mail No. 9

Dear Greta,
First of all, Pam Bondi should keep the beautiful St. Bernard. Judging from her evidence, the poor pooch was mistreated long before Katrina. In my town of Rumford, Maine, the animal control officer probably would have seized him because of neglect.
Secondly, I agree with Ted, no surprise that the Duke case should go to trial. Yes, it would be to keep race relations calm, and sometimes the overall public good has to take precedence over normal trial procedures.
Father Daniel Beegan S.T.D.
Rumford, ME

E-mail No. 10

I looked for a poll question on your Web site but there wasn't one there. I'm all for Pam Bondi keeping Noah. What a wonderful dog and big. By the way three of us were talking about this issue at lunch today — the other two agree with me. That's three votes for what it's worth, which isn't much!
Kay Rhodes
Odessa, TX
P.S. I wouldn't vote for Nifong.

E-mail No. 11

Noah was saved by Pam Bondi and therefore she is the owner in my opinion. I have two beautiful dogs and I cannot bear the thought of Noah returning to an owner that appears to have neglected his health. I was also adopted at birth and the persons who are my parents are the ones who took care of my health and cared for me during sickness and health. Keeping a dog outside in the summer heat of la is unimaginable. My dogs are hot in Alaska where it's only 75 degrees. They stay inside and have windows open, etc., to provide for their comfort. I love that Pam Bondi is such a caring "dog" person. Keep the dog, Pam!
Kelly Davidson
Anchorage, AK

E-mail No. 12

Yes, Pam should keep the dog. Sounds as if he was abused before the storm and would probably be after the storm. As for the Duke case, I'd prefer to see how it plays out. I lived in Durham, three miles from the campus, and feel that anything could have happened... even a cover-up.
Suzanne Dawson

E-mail No. 13

As much as it pains me, Pam Bondi needs to give the dog back. I know that she has provided a wonderful home for the dog, fallen for Noah, but she also knew that she was part of a rescue and foster care. Eventually someone might want their dog back. If the owners were as terrible as she makes them out to be, they most likely would going through the headache of trying to get a dog back that will 'eat them out of house and home.' Unfortunately... my vote would be to give Noah back.
Where in the Midwest are you traveling?
Cincinnati, OH

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