How Not to Rob a Convenience Store

TOO Crazy!

Did you see the video of the convenience store clerk who ripped the pants AND shirt off a would-be robber? The thief ran out of the store with only $3… then returned and gave it back in exchange for the clothes! Here's the more incredible part: This is the same clerk who used a golf club to beat off a would-be robber several weeks ago. Talk about guts. I hope his health plan is fully funded. We hope to have him on the show tomorrow. Don't miss it.

How wild would it be to have been a fly on the wall in Iraq? Did you see the picture we showed of the president without his jacket on, wearing a baseball cap, strolling into the building in Baghdad to meet with the new prime minister? No one realized THIS was the President of the United States. Prime Minister Maliki didn't even know the president was on his way until 5 minutes before the meeting!

Thousands of Iraqi troops are moving into Baghdad today to better secure the city and thresh out terrorists. It was refreshing to hear the prime minister say that he looked forward to having our troops return home. Also, news I hadn’t heard before came from Sen. James Inhofe, who has been to Iraq seven times. He met with the new defense minister who told him that he would like U.S. troop levels to be down to 100,000 by the end of this year. That would be a wonderful holiday gift.

Here's something to watch for: A new clause in the 2007 budget being considered would prohibit the eight states that approved in-state tuition for illegal immigrants from using federal tax money to pay for it. The basic idea is that if those states think it's such a great idea… let them pay for it. Also, those states would have to offer the same in-state tuition for any American! Shocking concept. Gosh, let Americans get the same benefits that people here illegally would get… who would imagine! I'm still holding out hope that the idea of letting illegal immigrants pick which 3 of 5 years they want to pay back taxes on will be increased to all of us. I'd sure like to take advantage of that. Wouldn’t you?

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