A Big Victory for Good Over Evil

A big victory for good over evil. The death of the terrorist Zarqawi should be celebrated by decent people everywhere. He was the world's enemy and a cowardly killer of innocent people.

But there are some who actually root for terrorists like Zarqawi. These American and free world insurgents, if you will, believe the Bush administration is worse than Al Qaeda. Therefore, anything that helps the president, they don't like.

Here's the background from my analysis. The anti-American BBC headlined this quote:

"The killing of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is a major and rare success for the U.S. military... though the Americans themselves had over the years helped build up the reputation of Zarqawi, that focus probably ended up exaggerating his role."

Can you believe the BBC? Of course you can. That outfit wants the USA and their own country to lose in Iraq.

The failing Air America Radio Network is also rooting for America to lose in Iraq. Here's what Jerry Springer and Randi Rhodes said today.


JERRY SPRINGER, AIR AMERICA: We never should have gone in from day one. Now — and I understand tens of thousands of people have been killed because we chose to go into Iraq. That is true. We killed a hell of a lot more people just by the decision to go into Iraq than ever died at the hands of Zarqawi.



RANDI RHODES, AIR AMERICA: Even the White House press secretary says this today at the press briefing. He says if you look at some of the Al Qaeda memos to Zarqawi, where you had direct pleas -- will you please stop beheading people, it's bad PR. Then you have to say to yourself, my god, Al Qaeda is telling Zarqawi to cut the crap with the killing of the Iraqis. And yet, we haven't cut the crap with the killing of the Iraqis.


Is that unbelievably despicable or what? I mean, it is off the chart. The far-left blogs also spit out hateful propaganda. This from the Huffington Web site:

"How many people even heard of Zarqawi before Bush invaded Iraq? Bush made this guy into a hero and now he's taking credit for killing him."

And the saddest exposition comes from Michael Berg, the father of Nick Berg, who was beheaded by Zarqawi. Here's what Mr. Berg said on "FOX & Friends" this morning.


MICHAEL BERG, FATHER OF NICHOLAS BERG: I don't think that Zarqawi is himself responsible for the killings of the hundreds of thousands of people. George Bush is the one that destabilized it, so that Zarqawi could get in.


"Talking Points" has said this before, but it's worth repeating. There are a number of Americans, you just heard them, who want their country defeated in Iraq and who do not want to fight the war on terror at all.

Now these people believe the Bush administration and the Republicans in general are the terrorists, and America has brought the war upon itself.

In a free country, there's nothing you can do about that line of thought, except expose it, and condemn it.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Some good news, bad news for the Dixie Chicks: Their new album is selling pretty well, about 800,000 units so far. My predication is two million, and I think I'll be close.

But according to "Billboard" magazine, concert ticket sales for the Chicks are slow. And shows in Indianapolis, Oklahoma City, Memphis and Houston have already been canceled.

But in Toronto, the Chicks are sold out, which says a lot about the geography of the culture war. Ridiculous? You make the call.

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