Jacko Will Call Press Enemies as Witnesses

Michael Jackson

Jacko Will Call Press Enemies as Witnesses

Michael Jackson never had much use in the past for TV reporters Diane Dimond and Harvey Levin. She, from "Hard Copy" and Court TV days, has hounded him and even written a book about him. Levin, the creator of the defunct "Celebrity Justice," has boundless energy when it comes to revealing Jackson's foibles.

So both of them will be mighty surprised to find out they are on Jackson's witness list for his lawsuit with Marc Schaffel. The case, in which Schaffel claims that Jackson owes him $4 million, is set to commence in Los Angeles on June 19. The witness list was set to be filed today.

Also on Jackson's list: sometime and former lawyer Brian Oxman and Jackson's accountant Alan Whitman. Not on Jackson's list: former business advisor Alvin Malnik or Jackson's assistant Evvy Tavasci. Those names may actually turn up on Schaffel's list.

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Dimond and Levin would be subpoenaed by Jackson not for personal knowledge of Schaffel, but to share their reports that he is a producer of gay porn. What bearing that would have on how much Jackson owes Schaffel is questionable at best.

Jackson is also on his own defense witness list but it's unlikely he will appear. Jackson is said to be so afraid that the Santa Barbara District Attorney's office will arrest him on some new charges — any new charges — that he's determined to stay away. Instead, his lawyers will show jurors videotaped depositions.