The Greatest Story Never Told

I think it's the greatest story never told: An economy that's humming, but most in the media insist we're bumming.

I'm not saying some are. Clearly though, most are not.

But that's not what you hear. What you hear in the media is that "only" 138,000 new jobs were created last month. I'd focus more on the experts who goofed, thinking the number would be higher, than the 138,000 who were hired.

You hear about an unemployment rate of 4.7 percent, but nothing about an "employment" rate of 95.3 percent.

You hear those with jobs have lousy jobs. Did they have the same lousy jobs a decade ago when we were at similar rates?

Back then, it was great. Today, it's not?

Retail sales then were strong and it was cause for jubilation. Retail sales today are strong and it's written off as an aberration?

What gives?

I'll tell you what gives: fairness.

The fairness of reporting an economy growing at a nearly five percent clip and the unfairness of ignoring that growth.

The fairness of focusing on a still vibrant housing industry and the unfairness of predicting a housing bubble burst that as yet to come, and likely never will.

And the fairness of telling the American people there is good and bad in this economy, but the unfairness of focusing on only the bad.

Because mark my words, the day the Dow hits that record — and it will be soon — the media will say it happened, "despite the bad news," not "because of good news."

Just remember, higher gas prices were supposed to stop us from buying, but they didn't. Just like anxiety about terrorism was supposed to stop us from traveling, but it didn't.

I'm not saying those in the media can't be the whining, carping, negative, doom-saying bastards they are. Just don't assume we want to be the same way.

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