So Long, Moussaoui

Thankfully Thursday was one of the last days in which Zacarias Moussaoui will dominate our show.

I am so hopeful that he will begin his long-term rotting program — better know as life in prison — this week and just fade away. I trust we will not get any updates on his status or prison conditions in much the same way we never hear from "Jihad Johnny" and Ramzi Yousef or the "Blind Sheik." Still, I'm not sure if I believe that the outside world will not find someway to communicate with them in prison, but I guess we have to trust what corrections has to say about the restrictive conditions.

So many were upset that Moussaoui got life instead of death. The main concern cited is that it makes the U.S. look weak. I just know that if he did not plead guilty on his own, his trail would have been more of a circus then his sentencing.

If there was another topic that equally peaked your interest, it was Mexican President Vicente Fox's reversal and his new drug law — specifically his decision not sign the measure that would have legalized the possession of larger qualities of illegal drugs. Fox got a lot of pressure not to sign this bill from outside forces and, thankfully, he sobered up.

On the fun side, we got confirmation and firm stats backing up a belief that I have had for a while that women have control of 80 percent of a family's purse strings. This plays out to controlling 77 cents of every dollar. The reassuring fact is that the loot is in the best hands possible. Women evidentially spend more wisely then men and yet in only in 27 percent of households do they make more money. Is it "manly" to allow your wife to spend your paycheck? We will find out Friday with the author of "Manliness," Harvey Mansfield.

You can also be sure that we will go out to Iraq and check on the latest encouraging news in the hunt for Zarqawi. It looks like he's getting sloppy and Task Force 145 is getting better each day. The president could certainly use a break from the bad news from that region and killing or capturing him would be as good as it gets.

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