Out-of-the-Ordinary NewsFor the Week of April 17

Out-of-the-ordinary news from the folks at "Studio B"...

'Old'-Fashioned Fruitcake

What do you do when you get a fruitcake for Christmas? Probably the same thing some would do when they get a new pair of socks or a tie: Toss it aside. We'll that's exactly what one guy did.

He didn't realize that he never ate it until he finally found the cake four decades later in his mom's attic. The guy says it was a gift from his two aunts that his mom kept because she didn't have the heart to tell them that her son despises fruitcakes.

It came in a wrapper that said "Old-Fashioned Fruitcake." Now, he says, it's just "old."

Easter Bunny Loses His Head

Thank goodness Easter is over, because apparently the Easter Bunny really needed a breather. One woman found that out the hard way.

The bunny made a visit to a Florida mall and decided to leave the chair 10 minutes before his shift was over. The lady was having none of it and chased down the bunny. That's when he literally lost his head. Witnesses say the guy took off his bunny mask and punched the woman.

The mall had to apologize to all the horrified kids. The Easter Bunny was fired. He says he never punched her and took off the mask because it was just too hot.

Up in Smoke

The fire chief says he would probably want to stick around and find out what happened if his house was burning down. That's why he thought something was up when firefighters in Ohio rushed to the scene of an attic fire and the homeowner ran for the hills.

The chief says some highly flammable stuff was in the basement, and if it went up in smoke a lot of people might have "the munchies." Turns out there was $700,000 worth of weed down there. Investigators say the entire basement was wired for indoor marijuana growing.

The two people who were in the house at the time are still at large.

Above the Law

Hollywood. It's the land of dreams and movie stars — and apparently lots of pigeon droppings.

The city is trying to stop a mysterious bird lady with a fondness for the birds that everyone loves to hate. They say she hauls around 25 pound sacks of bird seed — leaving 150 pounds in one spot alone and more than 100 tons a year on Sunset Boulevard.

The city can't stop her because Hollywood law only bans bird feeding in an area of downtown. The Department of Transportation says it's left with one big mess — one that they can't just hose off or paint over — but one that they have to shovel up.