From Gas Prices to Lawn Care, Knowledge Is Power

All right, you know most of these things: Gas prices are skyrocketing; the Duke rape case is still making headlines with another possible arrest; the president's poll numbers are down; immigration is still a challenging issue and there have been — and possibly will be more — White House changes.

We'll address those issues, but what about things that can EMPOWER and INFORM you, the viewer? Well, have we got some things for you this weekend!

George Grob, executive director of The Working Group's health care initiative will be on hand to answer your questions about health care, so please think about what may be on your mind health-wise and send those e-mails in. We are here to help you!

Want to know what to do about those soaring gas prices? Auto expert, Laren Fix, will be on hand to give you some gas-saving tips!

Plus, it's springtime and I bet you homeowners are getting your lawns ready for fun and frolic — not to mention those BBQs. David White from Home Depot drops by to talk about lawn care maintenance.

Then, want to eat, but are counting your carbs? Food Network's George Stella will walk us through how to cook low-carb — and love it!

"CSI New York" star, Hill Harper, will be in the studio to talk about his hit show, plus his new book, "Letters to a Young Brother" — aimed at mentoring young black men in America.

And, last but not least, our own Bill McCuddy has a list of entertainment tidbits that will interest you, including the filmmaker and families of the "United 93" movie on Sunday. Julia Roberts' Broadway debut was a big flop! Does this mean her career is over? We'll ask Bill! Michael Douglas is in a new film entitled "The Sentinel" — Bill will give us his insights on that too.

Stay tuned!

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