Black Activist Dies Days After Being Shot After Speech

A black activist shot on a sidewalk outside City Hall after speaking to the City Council has died, his family said.

Michael Bailey died Saturday at University Hospital, three days after he was shot in the leg, arm and chest, relatives said in a news conference.

"Not only has Cincinnati lost a great leader, I have lost my best friend," said Ted Bailey, his brother. "My brother did fight a very, very valiant fight. He died with dignity."

Police did not respond to calls Saturday and Sunday seeking comment on whether an assault charge against the man accused of the shooting would be upgraded.

Howard Beatty, 52, surrendered to police and was charged with felonious assault a few hours after the shooting.

Police have said Bailey, a Cincinnati Metro bus driver who went by the name Gen. Kabaka Oba, had a restraining order to keep Beatty at least 500 feet away, but the reason for the restraining order was not known.

Beatty's lawyer, Ken Lawson, has said Bailey threatened Beatty during or after a local TV appearance on April 9. Lawson said his client was acting in self-defense when he met Bailey by chance outside City Hall.

Ted Bailey called for calm following his brother's death.

"Lay down your arms," he said. "It's in God's hands now. If you are supporting me and my family, you are not going to pick up any arms and you are not going through this city tearing up anything. We stand for nonviolence."