Out-of-the-Ordinary NewsFor the Week of April 10

Out-of-the-ordinary news from the folks at "Studio B"...

Seat Stealers

Don't you hate it when someone steals your seat? You get up for a second and when you come back, it's gone.

Well some seat stealers in Ohio have upset a lot of people. They didn't just steal one place to sit down, or 10... try a hundred.

Police in Springfield say the thieves made off with $4,000 worth of bleachers from a baseball field. They say the bleacher seats began to disappear bit by bit last week until they were all gone.

Investigators say with the price of aluminum on the rise, so is the stealing of the metal.

Hopped Up

He claims that an animal caused him "grievous bodily harm," and he's taking said animal to court claiming that it is an "evil, sadistic offender who preys on people with a sweet tooth."

The defendant: the Easter Bunny.

A German man claims that the bunny got him hooked on chocolate. After all, Germany is the land of chocolate. He's asking the judge to handcuff the Easter Bunny's paws and drag him by the ears out of every store.

The Easter Bunny is not commenting on the charges.

Space Balls

If you can drive the ball, you have the clear advantage going into any golf game. But Tiger, Mickelson, Daly and Jack have nothing on this guy.

He says he can hit a golf ball so far they need to put an intergalactic tracking device inside of it. He's a Russian cosmonaut who's currently calling the International Space Station home. And he wants to tee off — at zero gravity — into the final frontier. It's a publicity stunt for a Canadian golf company.

NASA says the ball could stay in orbit for several years. But they want to make sure it's safe because a guy in a space suit with a six-iron could do some major damage if he hooks it.

Pricey Punch

The Kentucky Derby. The Run for the Roses. Ask anyone in the infield, it's all about the beer and the beads. But in the grandstands, it's all about the fancy men and women with fancy schmancy hats and tiny binoculars on sticks.

And this year, some of the Southern elite will be sipping a very special mint julep. Ingredients: Kentucky's finest bourbon, mint from Morocco, ice from the Arctic Circle and sugar from the South Pacific all mixed in a 24-karat gold cup and served with a silver straw. Price tag: $1,000.

Churchill Downs officials say the money will help raise awareness about the needs of retired thoroughbreds.

Think Your Phone Bill Is High?

What's the highest phone bill you've ever had to pay: $50, a couple hundred, a thousand maybe? That's nothing compared to what one guy in Malaysia just got.

According to a published report, the man received a bill for $218 trillion — that's trillion with a "t." The man says he nearly fainted when he got the thing, saying he thought the line was disconnected back in January.

The guy has 10 days to pay or face prosecution. The man says if the company wants to take legal action, he can't wait to face it.