Winning the Bet

The continuing saga of the streak dinner I have now officially won.

A night or two ago on this program, Brent Wilkes of the League of United Latin American Citizens, LULAC, bet me a steak dinner that I couldn't find one documented case of an illegal alien voting in this country.

Well, he's clearly wrong, and I clearly should win the steak.

Some state voter registration laws are so weak, an illegal who doesn't vote would seem to be the exception, not the rule.

Tuesday night we had "B-1 Bob" Dornan on. He lost his last election to Loretta Sanchez, and in the investigation that followed it was established by a special commission that 748 illegals voted.

Brent Wilkes quibbles with that number. He said they were people who were somewhere on the citizenship path and thought they were allowed to vote — not illegals voting when they knew that was also illegal.

Come on, Brent. You're getting a little slippery here.

But even so, how about this one?

Remember the serial killer Rafael Resendez-Ramirez? He was called the "Railway Killer" and the cops were hunting him for years.

In November of 1988 while in St. Louis he voted in the presidential election under the name Jose Angel. Not clear who he voted for, but I'm guessing Dukakis if for no other reason than the work-release program.

Ramirez also served time as an auto thief and burglar. As a felon and an illegal immigrant, he was doubly not supposed to vote. But he did.

I think Brett should come to New York and buy me the steak. The evidence is piling up that illegals can and do vote and the mantra that they don't is starting to sound a bit threadbare.

Having said that, I'm glad Denny Hastert and Bill Frist got rid of the "illegal equals felony" thing. That was confusing to a lot of people and no way we're going to enforce it.

Remember: We like immigration. We like legal immigration. And we like every citizen to vote — after they've become a citizen.

Paging Brent Wilkes. You lost the bet, bud.

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