Aruban Police Report New Lead in Holloway Case

Aruban police are searching for a man said to have harassed a woman on the same beach where American teen-ager Natalee Holloway disappeared nine days later, an official said.

A tourist reported that a man in his 20s harassed her on the beach where a Dutch youth says he dropped off Holloway on the last night she was seen, Police Commissioner Adolf Richardson said in a TV interview that aired in Aruba Tuesday.

Richardson told the Dutch program "Arrest Requested," a crime-solving show which re-enacted Holloway's last known hours in Aruba, that there was no proof the incident was related to the Holloway case.

Holloway has been missing since May 30. She left a bar that night with three young men, who were arrested in June and later released due to insufficient evidence. The 18-year-old Alabama resident was in Aruba on a high school graduation trip.