Parents Fake Own Son's Death

Parents of the year award go to James Snyder and Mary Jo Jensen of Waterloo, Iowa, after they faked their own son's death in order to get out of work.

The two worked at the Tyson Foods plant in Waterloo and, according to The Waterloo Cedar-Falls Courier, they started taking time off from work in December saying their son was sick.

As they wanted more and more time off, they said he was in the hospital.

Eventually Tyson officials were told the teenage was on life support.

Then the supervisors at work were told the boy died.

The parents needed to give some proof to justify the time they were taking off from work, so they even submitted an obituary to the paper.

With this tale of woe, the Tyson's plant let them off work. Terrible family tragedy. What are you going to do but let them off work?

Well it was all going swimmingly until somebody who knew the family saw them out for dinner with their dead son.

He didn't appear so dead. He was eating dinner, for one thing, and he seemed to be able to get up and follow his parents to the car.

He was supposed to have died at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

But he hadn't. He evidently knew about the plan because when police were called, the boy told the cops how the scam worked. Cops haven't said if he minded being dead.

One of the parents is charged with tampering with records and the other with being an accessory after the fact.

I guess the only thing to say in favor of these parents is they didn't actually kill their kid, when so many other parents do.

Still, I'd say that fact isn't much consolation.

These may not be the worst parents ever, but boy are they trying.

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