Generation Me?

Tuesdays are always an adventure and I blame Tiki Barber.

Tiki always brings energy and attitude and makes "FOX & Friends First" a lot of fun. We had a chance to talk seriously about DNA and Duke, and had some fun with some "twin talk" featuring Bucky from "American Idol" and his brother, Rocky.

Of course, many of you are asking about the lip gloss, which helps you lose weight. And some were taken aback by the labeling of those born after 1971 as the "Me Generation." The author's theory is that parents have told their kids not worry about what others think and reach for the sky. In turn, many parents are getting teens with naval rings, who want to be millionaires without breaking a sweat. That seems like a recipe for frustration and, according to the study, it has been for many kids — in some cases leading to depression.

OK, enough about that — onto the subject that keeps winning the "You Choose the News Segment": immigration. As you know, it's a multifaceted, complex debate and these demonstrations in 10 states have caught the attention of many. What most can agree on is a two-prong process that addresses the illegals here already and beefs up border security. Today we featured a guy who has a whole plan to seal off the Southern border with a fence. He was very down on this virtual border and big on a wall coupled with law enforcement.

I thought the president handled the dizzying debate on the release of the National Intelligence Estimate with ease and grace. President Bush simply stated, like he always does, that he wanted the public to see the intelligence that he saw, as long as it did not compromise ongoing operations. Remember this, through the debate on Joe Wilson, Valerie Plame and yellow cake in Niger and Iraq: Joe Wilson was recommended to go to Niger by his wife — we still do not know if she was undercover and was truly outed by Bob Novak and Iraq was trying to get yellow cake from Niger. What is also true is that the transaction papers were forged showing a deal being done with an Iraqi agent.

I'm just anxious to get Iraq's new government in place and get our people out of harm's way and the Iraqi forces front and center. Soon, historians will be dealing with Iraq, which is when the president has said his legacy will likely shine — unless of course Seymour Hersh is assigned to the project.


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