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Sometimes it almost feels like we make it up. We get information from sources that we are sure could not be possible and then when we check... and yes, sometimes the tips we might think are "way out there," turn out to be true. When the tips are seemingly "way out there," I, of course, am tempted to ignore them and just do my work as planned. However, I think to myself: What if this is true? I had better check.

Here is an example. Thursday night I was in the New York City bureau working on the show (or as I like to say, "minding my own business"), when suddenly, an e-mail arrived that changed everything — including the direction of the show. It would also mean that I would be on the phone for the ensuing two hours trying to figure out what was what.

About 6 p.m. I got an e-mail from a source telling me that Deepak Kalpoe's car had just been seized — again. I thought for sure the person was mistaken. Why would police seize the car now? What possible reason? They have already had full access to it!

Last summer the police seized his car and claimed there was a complete forensic exam of the car inside and out. That is standard good police work. Natalee Holloway was last seen in the car, so of course police wanted to go over the car with a fine toothcomb.

Several months after seizing the car, the police returned it to Deepak Kalpoe. Since that time, Deepak has been free to drive it as much as he wants and do with it whatever he wants — including washing it as much as he might want. It is his car and it is released by the police. They concluded it was not evidence. The police had their shot at the car.

I was tempted to ignore the tip that came in since it seemed ridiculous to think the police would seize the car again at this late date, but decided I would make a few calls. In my mind, if the car HAD contained clues, the police (and their experts) should have found the clues last summer. They had no time restraints on them and no lack of resources. And, if the police and experts had missed clues last summer, surely the clues would likely be gone now.

And what did I learn from my quick investigation? More than one source confirmed that Deepak's car has been re-seized by the police. I made more than one call because I was sure that each person I spoke to must be mistaken. Why would they now seize the car? Are you ready for the reason told to me?

The Aruban police are engaged with Dutch TV to do a show to air April 11 that is a re-enactment of Natalee's last known hours. The police apparently think: How better to do a re-enactment than to use the actual car Natalee was in on May 29 into May 30? The problem is that the car is not theirs — it was in their custody, but they returned it to Deepak as not being evidence of a crime.

In the United States, police would have to get a warrant signed by a judge to seize the car — whether it be last summer or now. Police can't just go out and nab someone's car because they want to do a TV show. The American police would have to show a good reason. A TV show re-enactment reason is not likely to be a sufficient reason for any American judge to allow for the second seizure. If my information is correct, and if the Aruban police seized the car for a TV re-enactment, I suspect most judges in the U.S. would say: Go find a similar one, you don't need the actual one. (Incidentally, Deepak's car is quite ordinary — silver Honda.)

I was also told by one source that in addition to the TV show, the police want to do another forensic exam. Now? What could they possible have failed to do last summer? And what possible clues could remain after this time?

The Kalpoe attorney is going to court Friday to try and get the car back. Apparently unknown to him or the Kalpoes, a tow truck had showed up about 3 p.m. on Thursday and simply towed the car away. It was parked at the Kalpoe brothers' mother's place of work. It will be interesting to find out what the judge says.

The re-enactment is apparently quite an event — they are going to use Aruban police cadets to play Natalee's classmates. One source told me that the defense attorneys have been told that they will not use the three remaining suspects names or pictures. That is odd, too. If you want to know if the viewers have seen them at a particular time and place, would you not want to show their pictures?

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Hi Greta,
First of all, I think Wendell (yesterday's e-mail) made a perfect a__ of himself and he's probably enjoying the publicity. Second, if Aruba is offended by us... they get no sympathy from me. I think those three boys have not 'cracked' after all this time is because now, if what is left of her is found, there is nothing to tie them to her death. I would be interested in hearing what Dr. [Baden] would have to say concerning her remains. All they had to do was wait it out. Wait it out and put her parents and family through hell. What did they care as long as they save their butt? I can't imagine how Beth has held up through out all of this. She needs to bring her baby girl home and lay her to rest properly. A 3-month-old fresh tip? Shame on Aruba.
Mary Landry
St. Francis, ME

E-mail No. 2

Greta: I hope the e-mails which contain differing opinions from different denominational types, through the use of scripture verses, do not arise to the point of taking up an over abundance of dominion on GretaWire. Why? Simply because debating issues in this forum using "scripture" by different denominations results in a no-win situation. Because too many within the rank and file of churchdom are too narrow-minded to openly consider another's view outside of their own self and denomination. Thus, contention, resulting in envy, strife and division is developed. "There just ain't much anything worse than a sheep bite." Please do not think I am bashing Christianity, I'm not, (I reside within that pasture myself); I merely know experiencially [sic] how painful and devastating sheep bites can be. I love this forum and hope it remains civil and focused (my opinion, of course).

E-mail No. 3

So Aruban Police Chief Gerald Dompig is now imitating the Great Carmack [sic] by developing extra sensory perception and conjuring up a "new credible witness" to blacken the name of Natalee Holloway. The beach surely must have been very crowded the night of Natalee’s disappearance with so many “credible witnesses" lurking about. Strange, none saw any criminal behavior; none saw the “the sunshine boys” — Joran and the Kalpoes — but they did see Natalee with alcohol and drugs. Why does the latest "new credible witness" hide under the cloak of anonymity? In my opinion, the “critical stage of the investigation” about which Dompig is so willingly to discuss will actually be the close of the Natalee Holloway case. His TV appearances are a prelude to the book he will write after he retires. Paul van der Sloot will take over the duties of police chief, with Joran van der Sloot as a “judge in training,” and the Kalpoes on retainer as “credible witnesses” whenever needed.
Marguerite Weems
Winchester, VA

E-mail No. 4

Hello Greta? About the Lacrosse rape case, maybe I am just prudish but she went there to take off her clothing for which she was paid, she had access to a bathroom where sloppy house keeping could provide plenty of DNA of which she could scrape off the seat — so excuse me for not convicting those guys in the media but she isn't a good witness of character as breaking the law was a part of her profession so doing so regularly makes her a professional criminal skilled in avoiding and subverting justice.
The 911 call is suspect as there isn't any time relationship to when the exclaimed crime occurred? If it occurred some time after the fact I would look a lot closer at relationships of strippers and their friends to see if a degree of connection leads back to the supposed victim. Maybe this is a case of an unpaid illegal worker extracting revenge...

E-mail No. 5

Why do you think so many people are using your blog as a forum for religious debate over what the murdered minister should be called? I guess I'm just not used to seeing this type of debating and quoting of the Bible. I do not object nor wish to offend these religious people. I am just more curious about the facts of the murder and these are the types of e-mails I am used to reading in the blog. Just my humble opinion submitted for your consideration!
Lisa Walsh
Laguna Niguel, CA

E-mail No. 6

Would you or the panel explain the term "bitch slap"? Is that what one does to one or what one receives from one? I beg FOX News' pardon for bringing it up.
Charles H.
San Antonio, TX

E-mail No. 7

There was a lady who was confused as to why the person did not want to be called pastor, viewing it in a derogatory light. The reason a few (and it really is a few of the larger culture) feel this way is they see it as a sexist term; i.e. pastor rather than pastress. I agree that our language needs to be sensitive to people of both sexes, as a pastor, we do have to occasionally take a deep breath and ask if the fight is worth the effort.
Fresno, CA

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