I Demand a Recount!

It was a little different take on "Tiki Tuesday" — for possibly the first time, E.D. took the center chair on "FOX and Friends First." Of course, Tiki made it clear early that he was going to agree with E.D. on everything, so I was going to have an uphill battle.

Tiki and I did get some quality time with a FHM magazine big shot, who brought us inside the story of the sexiest women in the country. This was a survey of FHM readers that mysteriously had Angelina Jolie at No. 2 and Petra Nemcova just sneaking into the top 100. I suggest a recount!

More news on the FHM front: It seems they are throwing Tiki a birthday party and, having overheard the details, guess what? I am not invited. Sure, Tiki tried some damage control with a belated, "Oh, Brian, you didn't get the invite?" I am not buying it and neither would you. I guess I just don't make the cut. Maybe Mike Strahan or Eli Manning wanted to bring an extra friend or Mayor Bloomberg needed more bodyguards on the list. Whatever. I guess I will stay home next Friday night. I probably will have plans anyway... maybe a soccer practice or beach club meeting.

Well, as for the show, the big news came as a surprise as Chief of Staff Andrew Card called it a day at the White House. Tony Snow provided great insider insight as he knows both Card and new chief, Josh Bolten, very well. Wendell Goler was also at his post with some great instant analysis from the White House lawn.

The top topic we had on the table is also a lead story at your office water cooler: immigration reform. Whether it's a guest-worker program or amnesty, it's the same thing essentially. It seems the people here illegally will get a chance to become legal without much of a penalty. If I was waiting on line at the INS, dealing with the red tape, I would be more than a little upset at the inequity of it all. But the so-called experts say kicking out 12 million people just isn't possible.

The No. 2 story had to be the bizarre but lucid testimony of Zacarias Moussaoui. A second wave, fifth plane, 20th hijacker — Moussaoui claimed it all over the last few years and it seems he did all he could do to get the death penalty. Judging by the e-mail, you think he's lying, but should be executed anyway. And who am I to argue? You're also worried that terrorists in jail — from the "Blind Sheik" to Ramzi Yousef — are communicating with the outside world, as it seems Saddam is inside Iraq.

Watch us Wednesday as we welcome Ray Romano. While it's true I never liked his show, it's also true I thought he was a great stand-up even before he was famous.

Thanks so much for keeping us No. 1 on cable!


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