Cheney Blasts Democrats for Calling Bush 'Dangerously Incompetent'

Vice President Dick Cheney blasted Democrats on Friday for calling President Bush "dangerously incompetent."

"The leaders of the Democratic Party have stepped into the debate — not with a positive message, but with a slogan proclaiming that our administration is 'dangerously incompetent,'" Cheney said at a Florida campaign event.

"The president and I welcome the debate, because every voter in America needs to know how the leaders of the Democratic Party view the War on Terror."

Earlier this week, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada called Bush "dangerously incompetent" and criticized the administration's policies on Iraq.

Other Democrats have been using the words "dangerously incompetent' as a slogan to criticize Bush administration policies. Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., spoke on the Senate floor this week next to a sign bearing the phrase.

Reid, in a statement to FOX News on Thursday, said, “The unfortunate fact of the matter is that the incompetence of the president and his administration has threatened the security of this country and the safety of our people. They have consistently misled the public and preferred political rhetoric over honest leadership.”

Cheney, speaking Friday at a campaign event for Rep. Ric Keller in Orlando, said Democrats have a "sorry record" on national security.

"With that sorry record, the leaders of the Democratic Party have decided to run on the theme of competence. If they're competent to fight this war, then I ought to be singing on American Idol," Cheney said.

President Bush himself, stumping for congressional candidates in Indiana and Pennsylvania on Friday, said "the difference is clear" between Republicans and Democrats.

"If you want the government in your pocket, vote Democrat," Bush said. "If you want to keep more of your hard-earned money, vote Republican."

Bush spoke at a fundraiser in Indianapolis for Rep. Mike Sodrel, who faces a close congressional race this year.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio, who supports his fellow Democrats’ comments, told FOX News earlier this week that it doesn’t serve a useful purpose to characterize Bush as "incompetent," but it is important to raise concerns about the war.

“There is a problem with the president of the United States going out and continuing to tell the public that everything is all right in Iraq,” Kucinich said.

Instead of personally attacking the president, Kucinich said, Democrats should focus on the issues and on getting troops out of Iraq.

FOX News' Carl Cameron and the Associated Press contributed to this report.