Statement of Sen. Harry Reid

This statement was provided to FOX News from Senator Harry Reid based on question if it is a good idea to call President Bush and/or his policies "dangerously incompetent" during a time of war:

"The unfortunate fact of the matter is that the incompetence of the president and his administration has threatened the security of this country and the safety of our people. They have consistently misled the public and preferred political rhetoric over honest leadership. The president has been dangerously wrong about every aspect of the war in Iraq, he totally botched the response to Katrina and he has left us unnecessarily vulnerable at home.

"It is the duty of every American, and every U.S. Senator, to speak out — now more than ever — to urge the president to change course. Our brave troops in Iraq are fighting and dieing for our security and freedom. We owe them nothing less."

Statement of Senator Harry Reid
Minority Leader
United States Senator