Juggling Comic's Viral Video

This is a partial transcript of "The Big Story With John Gibson," March 22, 2006, that has been edited for clarity.

JOHN GIBSON, HOST: It is juggling, it's comedy and it's Internet magic. The musical act of Chris Bliss is causing a lot of traffic on the Web with all kinds of folks downloading it. So what is this all about? Let's ask him. Chris Bliss joins us now from L.A. This thing is sort of called a viral video phenomenon. This video of you is flying around people's e-mail. What's happening?

CHRIS BLISS, JUGGLING COMIC: This caught me completely by surprise, John. This is a tape from three years ago at the Montreal Festival and been on my Web site basically for corporate buyers to go and take a look at, because I haven't done a variety act for almost 20 years.

I have been doing stand-up comedy and this is my closing piece and around about January I started getting a trickle of e-mails in my inbox, hey, we saw your clip, we really like it, we sent it to all our friends, and the February rolls around and the trickle becomes a stream and then it becomes a flood and then four servers shut me down in seven days because the download capacity was more than I was paying for and finally I went to a big pipeline server and he we are pulling terabytes of data — this is the first juggling and possibly the last juggling video in history to do porn like levels of downloads.

It's all over the world. Twenty countries. It's just unreal.

GIBSON: Can you explain it? Can you explain what's going on? Obviously, you are very good at this and you do a good act and people want to see you. But it seems to have found its home in e-mail.

BLISS: I have been trying to figure out why something that I've done, after all these years, people are excited to see this particular piece at this particular time. And then I start getting these e-mails. And if you could see my e-mail, John, some of it is, hey, great performance, your hand-eye coordination is amazing, but a lot of it is about people saying, I play this once a day, it gets me ready for the day, it makes me feel better.

I'm getting e-mails from humanitarian aid workers in African refugee camps saying, thank you, the energy in this helps me get up and do my job. And at that point it's not about performance or about juggling anymore. I think it's just that people are just overwhelmed with what a dark and cynical and fearful place the world has become and they are looking for something that doesn't have any of that and this piece of music doesn't have it and the performance is free and open. And I think that's why people are responding to it.

GIBSON: Just to make it clear to people, you are juggling to the Beatles here, right?

BLISS: Absolutely. It's the last thing they put on vinyl, back when they put things on vinyl. It's off the "Abby Road" album. That's one of the big questions I get. It's just a brilliant piece of music, it has a wonderful message in it and I think the combination of this music and this particular performance which is pretty freely given and I think people just see this as something — they are putting — a lot of value adding is going on and I think people are just ready for a positive change and somehow that's being reflected.

It's kind of the opposite of the canary in the coalmine. People are taking something here and projecting very positive things on it. And for me personally that is really gratifying to see so many people are getting such a positive boost out of this.

GIBSON: By the way, you said you did this a long time ago. You still got your hand-eye coordination? Can you do it right now?

BLISS: Oh. I've still got my chops, John.

GIBSON: Well, fire it up.

BLISS: All right. We'll do this for the folks. This will be part of "The Big Story." Here you go.

There you go, a little bit of some four-ball for you.

GIBSON: More, Chris, more. All right. Chris Bliss.

BLISS: We need some more.

GIBSON: More. Little bit more.

BLISS: I'll try to do something very difficult just for "The Big Story" and John Gibson.

GIBSON: Chris Bliss, the viral Internet phenomenon. Chris, thank you very much. Good luck in your comedy career. A fabulous juggler. Chris Bliss out in L.A. The juggling viral video phenomenon. Keep going, Chris. Keep going.

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