German Explorer Finds Giant Waterfall in Peru

A German explorer says he's found one of the world's highest waterfalls in Peru's isolated northern jungle.

Stefan Ziemendorff on Monday led a local television camera crew to the falls, which he says he found in 2002 in the Department of Amazonas, about 400 miles north of the capital, Lima.

The waterfall has rarely been seen by anyone, due to its remote location and legends that it is haunted by a mystical siren have kept the native population at bay for hundreds of years.

The waterfall measures 2,530 feet, Ziemendorff told Peru's state-run Channel 7 television.

At that height, the waterfall would be hundreds of feet short of the world's highest, but still impressive.

The highest falls are Salto del Angel (Angel's Leap) in Venezuela, which measures 3,189 feet, and South Africa's Tugela Falls, which are 3,110 feet high.