Illegal Immigration Plan

A lot of breath is being expended in arguments on how to handle border issues.

Wall, no wall. Guest workers, no guest workers. Amnesty, no way amnesty.

The president has offered a plan and now the U.S. Senate is trying to come up with its own. It seems there are about as many plans as there are senators sometimes.

Here's my plan:

First, build a wall. If illegals can't get over or under or around a wall, you don't have illegals.

Second, establish an actual number of legal immigrants from Mexico and the OTM countries. Right now it's so close to zero, it might as well be zero. This is most often called a guest worker program.

Third, figure out what to do with the approximately 12 million illegals here now. Some simple rules there: Felons get put on the bus or the plane to the other side of the wall and they don't get back in.

The illegals who are here now who aren't crooks should pay a fine and back taxes and get on a track to legalization. The money will be a burden, but they pay coyotes fortunes to get in. Surely they would pay to stay legally.

I throw these basic ideas out there to encourage debate. No doubt millions of you think some aspect of my basic plan is really awful, and you'll want to tell me. Many of you express yourselves in such colorful language.

Who else likes my plan? Evidently Senators John McCain and Teddy Kennedy. They are jointly proposing something that appears quite similar.

We have an unemployment rate of 4 percent and change. Evidently we need workers from south of the border who take spots on the bottom of the economic ladder.

Right now, though, we have an intolerable situation. Illegals flood in because jobs are available and there is no legal way to do it. There is no incentive for Congress to establish a way to be here legally for workers from these countries because the southern border is hosting a flood anyway.

The wall is the central feature of any workable plan. Illegal immigration must end before legal immigration can continue.

Vote for the wall.

That's My Word.

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